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Software Freedom Day at Menofia Hosted By (MUFIX Community)

The very first Software Freedom Day held at Menoufia University. SFD is is about educating the public with the benefits of using high quality free and open source software on both beginner and professional levels.

Ain Shams CS introductory session

Session Title

  • A bit of history
    • RMS and the FSF
    • Linus and the kernel (story)
    • OSI (maybe to know the name)
  • The philosophy
  • GNU Linux
  • Communities
  • Current global status

. .

  • A Hacker's Paradise
  • What can you do next
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Ubuntu Installation Demo - Faculty of Engineering - Alex

Demo for Installing Ubuntu linux 8.10 and Basic GUI usage.

In Faculty of Engineering, Preparatory Building, (m1) lectures hall.

To be presented by Ghada Zakaria, Amr Kamal and co-presenter Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy

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Linux Campaign in Faculty of Engineering, Alex - 10 days

Gnu/Linux Campaign in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Two Info disks will be available daily to introduce Open Source community and Linux to the students, and to talk about EGLUG and it's activities.

During these 10 days, three lectures will be given isA..

First one , Saturday, 29th November at 4 pm, will talk about Open Source and FOSS.

Second one, Wednesday, 3rd Decembe

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FOSS Intro in Faculty of engineering, Alex

Introduction to FOSS presented by Ahmed Mekkawy AKA linuxawy in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University

Place: Faculty of Engineering, Preparatory Building, (m1) lectures hall

Report on Cairo University beginner's course

Report on Cairo University beginner's course

  • (Conceptor) Diaa Radwan
  • Marwa Youssef

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Gentoo founder moves to microsoft

Menia 5th visit: Menia University

Alaa, Manal and MohammedSameer will b

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Report on the training in Menya 4,5 march 2005

Eglug volunteers who participated in the event:

  1. Manal
  2. Alaa

1st day

we took the 7:15 train from Cairo and arrived in el Menya @ 10:20. we were staying at The Gam3eyet El Sa3eed hotel in Abu Qurqas, so we decided to have breakfast first in Menya then head to Abu Qurqas.

We met a fellow Linux user from Menya (Dr. Ahmed), who knew us from the photos, he invited us to breakfast and we had a small talk on how EGLUG can help in doing a seminar about FOSS in the Menya university, which Dr. Ahmed and his collegues will try to organize.

Menya 4th visit: day 1

The EGLUG volunteers this time will be: Alaa, Manal and MohammedSameer.

The first day, we'll go to the schools to get feedback from the teachers, and configure the pcs (especially the arabic interface and fonts).

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