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FOSS Adoption in Egypt

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Purpose of this Document

The intent behind the composition of this paper is to define a guiding framework for cooperative activity between the EOSBC and the Egyptian Linux Users' Group. Broadly speaking, four concepts will be tackled.

These are:

  1. Examine the current status of FOSS in Egypt.
  2. Describe and rationalize the desired state of FOSS in Egypt.
  3. Identify obstacles to making this transition.
  4. Propose action to realize this transition.

We will be focusing on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and not simply open source software for the simple reason that the `free as in beer' aspect is the most immediately beneficial to a developing nation such as Egypt due to its effect of lowering capital investment requirements.

Segmenting by Requirements

Different segments of the market have different expectations of software and may require separate handling.

We will segment where relevant as follows:

  1. The end user
  2. The small to medium sized business
  3. The enterprise
  4. Government

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