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crazy solution for EGLUG activities

Mobile LUG

EGLUG been stagnant for a while now, one of the main problems facing us is lack of a suitable space for activities.

we haven't done seminars lately either, and sometimes this is due to our requirements of the kind of space we can present FOSS in.

we need a space that has a handful of PCs, the PCs should be powerful enough to run livecd distros comfortably, we should be able to mess with the harddisks and install distros and software the on a whim, and it would be nice if the pcs are properly networked.

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required reading to you all

as a representative of our life time president Mr Meeso blessed I herby order you all to read the following article and reflect on it carefully

any resemblanse to eglug members behavior is pure coincidence

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كليلة و دمنة تشرح التشفير بالمفاتيح العلنية

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خبو عيالكم

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a post about on /me blog

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flame war with a M$ employee

he is trying to argue that breaking internet standards is acceptable and is all the users fault anyway.

thought you might like to know.

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new blogger migration template

migrating from blogger to drupal

configure blogger

you need to change a few settings in your blogger account.

under settings -> publishing put your ftp server information.

under formatting set the maximum number of items in the index page to 999 posts (if you where patient enoug to actually post 999 posts on blogger then your don't deserve drupal go somewhere else).

for the rest of the settings use

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install fest 2005

sorry for not being more active this time.

someone should pick a dozen wala 7aga and post them on eglug photo galleries, mods please create a special gallery for fest 2005

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my todo for 2005


its august already and most of the entries in the todo are still untouched, bad bad bad.

whats even worse is I'm busy till october and practically have no time for eglug :-(

oh well in the true EGLUG tradition here is my todo that never gets done for 2005, this is more of an action wishlist, some stuff is really my todo but most is things I wish EGLUG would do and I hope I'll find others who'll help.

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