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mozilla fascism and the future of the free desktop (OR WHY MOZILLA SUCKS)

you know how we keep talking about forced upgrades in M$ world and laugh.

well stop laughing cause mozilla now is using the same tactics

now I don't upgrade anything on my own, thats what I use a distro for, when Mandrake decides to release a firefox upgrade I'll install it, until then I'm happy with what I got and it is nobody's freaking business.

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interesting account of one of the Iraq Linux Founders

the article tells of Bassam's childhood and how he got exposed to computers and the internet, how it was like to be a techie under the sadam regime, the sanctions and tells an interesting tale of USAID corruption after the war.

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An Egyptian Journalist who understands FOSS and CC

yes such a creature exists.

I was very lucky to meet Waleed al-Shobakky a young journalist writing for a variety of magazine and websites, Shobakky is very tech savvy, knows everything about FOSS, Open Content, Creative Commons, blogs etc.

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cool features in new phptemplate

just two new cool features in Drupal's PHPTemplate theme engine (which BTW is going to be the official drupal theme engine next release).

Dynamic FaviIcons

if you place a favicon.ico file in your theme directory phptemplate automatically adds a link tag to reference it, this is very useful for multisite setups which need to have several favicons served from the same filebase.

Node Object on page level

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blogspot migration templates

this simple blogger template dumps your blogspot content and comments data in a php array structure, I'll soon turn this into a migrate to drupal script

< ?php 
< Blogger>
$iid = '< $BlogItemNumber$>';

$item[$iid]['title']='< $BlogItemTitle$>';
$item[$iid]['body']='< $BlogItemBody$>';
$item[$iid]['date']='< $BlogItemDateTime$>';
$item[$iid]['number']='< $BlogItemNumber$>';

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drupal custom block to display random image

whirlpool asked me to make him a custom block that displays a random image from the galleries.

I like my code because it uses taxonomy module functions instead of doing db queries.

< ?php
$albums = taxonomy_get_children(0, variable_get("image_nav_vocabulary", ""));

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بالعربى كده ايه موضوع الجنو لينوكس ده

اتحاد المبرمجين الأحرار

قطاع الانتاج


و تعبيرا عن رغبة الجمهور فى محتوى راق هادف

مقتطفات من خطبة الاستاذ دى جى كينج من منفاه بيورو ديلى

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lets use our blogs to promote eglug events

this might be a nasty idea, a kind of spam, or it could be totally meaningless (is anyone but eglug members reading our blogs anyway?).

this way we add more links, more places where people can stumble upon the news and we ride the aggregators.

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Wireless by the nile

at last I'm on wireless, today we went out to test public access points in Cairo.

Al Sakia has what must be one of the best wireless spots in town, right now I'm sitting directly by nile writing this entry, while cairo is covered in a filthy smog cloud I'm enjoying a nice (relativly fresh) breeze and still get the benefit of all the spam, goatse, pr0n and eglug one gets at home.

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