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greetings from ghana

well this is really just a way to inform everyone that I'm safe, all internet cafes in accra are proxied and firewalled, I can't ssh, vnc or even IRC (sucks)

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Joining the live cd bandwagon

It seems that everyone and their cat are building Livecds and calling them distros these days.

the Arabic FOSS community is not standing still while this revolution is going no sir, while still a mostly small and unactive community we managed to produce a large amount of trivial-mods-to-mainstream-distro distros, just-a-change-of-theme-livecd distros, vaporware-ultrea-islamic-distro distros and what have you.

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Music Purchase Decision Support System

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I have dream: Affordable, Accessible computing

Affordable, Accessible computing

This is an attempt to articulate few things I been thinking about for a long time, the thoughts here where hashed out while attempting to join the WSIS Arab NGO Caucus and through discussions with the /dev/cabal folks and Adel El Zaim from IDRC.


thats about the end of the organized well thought out part of this document, my mind is very jumbled, I'm writing this down to help me

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drupal 4.5 test install

this is a complete mirror of EGLUG as it stands an hour ago but upgraded to 4.5, please test it and break it, but don't use it for actual content submission.


  • backported locale module incompatible, delete all locale table before upgrade
  • contrib navigation module conflicts with menu system, delete its tables
  • taxonomy_image data lost (tis ok we only have one configured so far)
  • flexinode images lost (need to manually fix all reviews :-(
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upgrading to drupal 4.5

drupal 4.5 was released a few weeks ago, it has many improvements and new features and IMO we should upgrade EGLUG installation ASAP

tasks required for the upgrade:

  1. port our custom modules to 4.5
    • LinCount (done by MohammedSameer)
    • Bidi (done by MohammedSameer)
  2. port contrib modules we use
    • glossary
    • wiki (done by alaa with help of patch found on
    • remindme (removed)
    • navigation (deprecated)
    • members (done???)
    • article (done)
    • csvfilter (done)
    • event (done)
    • flexinode (done)
    • htmlcorrector (done)
    • image (done)
    • notify (done)
    • privatemsg (done)
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EGLUG social gethering in Alex

last saturday while on my vacation I went with MohammedSammeer and Manal to Alex where we had a big EGLUG social gathering.

we met all of EGLUG Alex members except for OneOfOne who found out he was alergic to clean air and sunlight (the whole EGLUG alex population consists of DarknessWolf, LinuxAwy and Sherbo).

we had great fun at downtown alex which is not realy downtown alex, then at downtown alex wich is proper downtown alex, we found out alexandrian geeks don't know anything about their city and had to consult google in order to locate kadora, a net cafe, a coffee shop or even the sea (yes they did not know where the sea was).

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even more packages tested

after wasting a couple of days exploring the great Mandrake educational software I'm finaly back on track (don't try 3d filemanagers its a farce).

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more packages tested

Day 3 of the great RPM race most of the day wasted on trying to get OpenGroupWare to work

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Yet Another Package Crunching Day

day two of whole lotta software tests.

ouch lots of stuff doesn't work or just plain crashes, is this the FOSS quality we're proud off?? maybe these are packaging problems (some of this stuff did not change for years).

anyways here goes

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