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Testing loads of software

Building a community media center and a media library in Abu Al Nomros is turning out to be a very interesting job.

I need to find decent FOSS apps for all sorts of use cases, to be ready for the future I decided to spend a few days going through all the packages available to Mandrake.

I'm testing using cooker since it has more packages, and maybe I'll get to post a bug report or two.

Anyways, I'll keep track of the packages I find promising here, and maybe later I'll review some of them

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log of all searches

follows is a quick log of all searches attempted on the eglug website for the duration drupal keeps logs (what did I configure this to be? 6 weeks maybe?)

its quite interesting, the number indicates the number of duplicate searches, the weird node and comment searches are lame DOS attempts

319 'node' 158 'comment' 105 'aggregator' 88 '' 58 'taxonomy' 8 'subtitles' 7 'نبذه عن الينوكس' 5 'wikisyntax' 5 'sex' 5 'modem' 5 'free courses' 4 'forum' 4 'charter' 3 'what's the charter ?' 3 ' subtitles executive target'
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course prep

Day 1

Introduction to Free and Open Source Software

  • Free Software ideals
  • Open Source philosophy
  • benefits

The GNU/Linux platform

  • benefits
  • nature

Installing GNU/Linux

  • partitioning
  • locale select
  • package selection
  • hardware detection
  • network settings
  • bootloader
  • user accounts

Basic Desktop usage

  • introduce Gnome
  • introduce KDE
  • favor KDE

Day 2

Basic Desktop usage

  • file management
  • panel navitgation
  • desktop configuration
  • mention differences

Common Applications Office

  • openoffice
  • mention alternatives
  • compatibility
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Drupal config we are using

keeping track of what I done already in drupal, otherwise we'll get lost and have a horible time upgrading.

hmm this is getting to be very long maybe I should split it wala do it real blog style and report each day on its own post.


  1. made TitleModule use double square brackets for title link for compatibility with WikiModule
  2. disabled turning white spaces leaded paragraphs into pre tagged paragraphs in WikiModule
  3. changed hardcoded width="100%" in tables used in image module for compatibility with our current CSS layout.
  4. patched new php template default theme main.tpl
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Adding content through email

This Blog entry was sent by email to the address [email protected]

isn't drupal cool?

supposedly this modules has a certain commands language that allows one to contribute anywhere, yet to find any documentation for this though :-(

cheers, Alaa

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