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my todo for 2005

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its august already and most of the entries in the todo are still untouched, bad bad bad.

whats even worse is I'm busy till october and practically have no time for eglug :-(

oh well in the true EGLUG tradition here is my todo that never gets done for 2005, this is more of an action wishlist, some stuff is really my todo but most is things I wish EGLUG would do and I hope I'll find others who'll help.

EGLUG Website

  • implement a proper category taxonomy and use cute taxonomy icons on all posts
  • implement some streamlined simplified navigation system (this time drupal has the tools to enable that, no need for custom hacks hopefuly)
  • go through wiki and promote good stuff to articles after a little editing
  • write short articles based on the bash scripting and the drupal sessions
  • finish my always half sinished docs and turn them to arabic, they make no sense otherwise
    • FSD translation
    • intro to GNU/Linux for Window$ users
    • intro to command line
  • can we turn the menya crash course into a trainers handbook?
  • get boody or someone else to translate some of the wiki pages to arabic

  • continue testing FOSS packages in the MDK repositories
    • get someone to write reviews based on these
    • find out which work on windows and put them on a CD if they're not already in OSS CD or OpenCD


Events and Activities

  • revive the get a shop to sell FOSS initiative
  • do a drupal boot camp
  • do an installfest outside cairo

  • come up with a plan that involves thin clients
  • come up with a plan that involves community media centers
  • come up with a plan that involves clusters
  • come up with a plan that involves community hosting webservers
  • get back to lobbying
    • press kit
    • academia
    • small IT services companies


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What kind of Todo list

What kind of personal todo list that has entries like:

  • get person_X todo task_Y
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the best todo list in town

thats what, off course me being supreme overlord of the Egyptian FOSS universe its normal that my todo list be full of that.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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