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أنا لا أحترم المتطوعين I DO NOT RESPECT VOLUNTEERS

أنا لا أحترم المتطوعين

هذه المجموعة سجلت أساميها فى الدروس المجانية التى نقدمها فى ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى و أكد كل منهم حضوره قبل بدء الكورس.

ثم اختفوا

الاقبال على الكورسات شديد لدرجة اننا لا نجد الوقت الكافى لتغطية احتياجات الكل، أصدقائنا و أقاربنا عليهم الانتظار لمدة شهر و ربما لن يتمكنوا من حضور الكورس بعد ذلك.

و مع هذا فهده المجموعة لا تحترم المتطوعين و لا وقتهم، ولا احتياجات الاخرين.

ننشر هنا أساميهم بالكامل حتى لا نعرض نفسنا للاهانة ثانية، من لا يحترمنا لا يمكن أن ينفع مجموعتنا و من لا يحترم المتطوعين و رسالتهم لا يمكن أن ينفى مجتمع البرمجيات الحرة.

دفعة اخرى من المحترمين


  • معاز محمد
  • محمد عبد الجليل
  • هانى محمد محمد
  • جون مقار
  • بيتر ناجى
  • الحسين محمد على
  • مصطفى محمد شحاتة العجان
  • دعاء أمير

فيما يبدو أن دفعات المحترمين لن تنتهى السؤال هو طالما المحترم سجل الكورس بمحض إراداته لماذا لم يائت ليستفيد ؟؟؟؟ أم أنه لم يكن بمحض إراداتك و سجلوا لك الكورس فى مكتب التنسيق

  • زياد مصرى زكى
  • أسماء عبد العزيز محمد


This group of people registered for our free courses in al sakia, and confirmed their intention to attend the course.


The demand for the courses is so high, we don't have the time or resources to cover it all, we have to ask our friends and relatives who are interested to wait for a whole month, and even then we're not sure they can attend the courses.

and yet this bunch does not respect our volunteers and does not respect their precious time, they do not respect the needs of others.

we publish their names here to avoid embaressing ourselves again, he who doesn't respect us cannot benefit our LUG and he who doesn't respect volunteerism cannot benefit the FOSS community. yet another bunch of respecatbles

  • Moaz Mohammed
  • Mohamed Abd Al Galil
  • Hani Mohamed Mohamed
  • John Maqar
  • Peter Nagy
  • Douaa Amir
  • Mostafa Mohammed Shehata El Agan
  • Al Housein Mohammed Ali
  • Zyad Masry Zaky
  • Asmaa Abdel-Aziz Mohamed


whirlpool's picture

This is very disappointing !

3 more people, this is annoying.

YoussefAssad's picture

My Class

Just finished my first class today; I'm very pleased with the four people (out of 7) who showed up.

I am looking forward to working with my class on Tuesday again.

And as for the three who didn't show up, I hope they find success learning linux somewhere other than at eglug courses.


need your advie and suport

dear Eng.youssef Kindly i need to move from windows to Linux What should i do.. Where can i get a good training?? What about the Big Co. names in the training and implementation?? What about the RHCE or Suse which one is better?? Is there any other respect certificates?? Is there any distro u recommend specially I'm only windows administrator background?? Please if u can give me your MSN or yahoo or your cell phone it'll be very helpful

Thank you for your time waiting your reply Regards Ra7eeel

Loser am I?

I subscribed in the Linux for beginners course that took place from 5-9 September 2004 which was instructed by Ezabi and Mustafa.

I attended two classes out of three classes representing the whole course. Unfortunately, it was the last day that I couldn't attend due to work circumstances and other commitments. Although the course was rated in my agenda the highest priority but there was unexpected issues that took place that day on both sides my personal life and my work one.

I didn't have the opportunity to apologize for Ezabi and Mustafa for not attending the last class. I'm not from those people who are interest in something for a short time and then leave it. I appreciate Ezabi and Mustafa effort for reading and preparing for this course and then instruct it in such a nice and interesting way. I wish they are reading these lines now because I did have the opportunity to say to them directly.

I do respect volunteers, I'd love to learn Linux, and I enjoyed this course very much and find it so informative for me as a beginner as well as the EGLug community. These are not just words; I mean every word I wrote.

It will be nice if Ezabi and Mustafa accept my apology.

Thanks a million,

A new born penguin called Noble.

YoussefAssad's picture


Thanks for the feedback, Noble. It is always appreciated.

How about you start helping us out now? There's a million easy ways for you to do this.

  1. Run linux yourself on your machine(s).
  2. Propose ways in which the courses can be improved.
  3. Propose other activities you think would be beneficial.
  4. Help spread the word; how about you write to PTP about the experience, or about Linux in general?
  5. Etc.

Good to have you on board!



Conceptor's picture

The second session started with 2

فيما يبدو أن دفعات المحترمين لن تنتهى السؤال هو طالما المحترم سجل الكورس بمحض إراداته لماذا لم يائت ليستفيد ؟؟؟؟ أم أنه لم يكن بمحض إراداتك و سجلوا لك الكورس فى مكتب التنسيق

  • زياد مصرى زكى
  • أسماء عبد العزيز محمد

People should do respect for voluntary efforts ,not by showing themselves on the first session but they should exist at El-sakia at the time 5:30 pm it is not hard ,I know if u were paying $$ u will be there at least quarter hour earlier to ask your instructor ,how was your day and such silly things ,then tell him please tell me how to do that ,how to maintain these . But if we are offering the service voluntary, freely and extremely customized to any level, I see candidate came to the lab. room after 1 hour of starting session saying sorry it is not for coming late, the apology for makeing quick review since he wasn't able to attend the last session,I started the second session with 2 guys @ 6 ,it make no sense to instruct my self @ 5:30 :)

Diaa Radwan

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