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Fedora day in El- Menoufiya university

I am going tomorrow to El-Menoufiya to represent Fedora 10 as fedora release party.

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Step back

I have decided to step back.

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المقاطعة هى الحل

You may heard Microsoft/Novell patent deal , ala arabian style

EGLUG ask novell to reconsider , ela el ...

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how simple vi is ?

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Not available.

I will not be available this next 2 weeks,I will have personal commitments; And I will not have access.

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A Picture's Worth 1000 Words

My eglug contributing comments and nodes ,Comments in red nodes are green.

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bash : rm -rf *

how to prevent running rm -rf on a directory other words how to enforce running rm -ri .

-i is interactive it will ask you if you are sure or not (hay7lfek ya 3aney)

well it's a trick

touch -- -i rm -rf *

it will ask you as if you run rm with -i .Shreif this good for you on your best candidate directory to deleted by mistake run :

for i in `find . -type d `;do touch $i/-i ;done
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الملكية الفكرية دى حق ليك و لية

we got Mr.Mohamed Hegazey who was talking about intellectual property then we have Eng.Ahmed Hussien who commented on what he have said.

I and many of us did not like the idea of Mr.Mohamed Hegazey (intellectual property),I said to my self people will go to FOSS if they understood how to respect/understand intellectual property law.but I found many guys saying the same thing ,it's ok people will go to FOSS when they are really hunted by licensing and (el mosanafat).

but it will take long time for layman to understand what the intellectual property is ?

today coincidently I heard Sha3ban AdbElRe7eem singing ,guess what. he was sining for the sake of intellectual property ,it's also the song name.!!!!!

intellectual property is being deliverable to everyone through 2LE cassette tapes.

يا عنى الملكيه الفكريه علشان تتفهم محتاجه واحد عنده كاسيت ولا راديو مش محتاج واحد مثقف ولا واحد لابس نضاره

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I am free.

I am sorry that the Egyptian army would loose such a good soldier like me specially that i am already trained through dune 2 ,decent ,doom, heretic , dune 2000 ,and many dos4gw old games.

through the days i was finishing my papers ,i realized that the army is not ready for soldier like me .

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EGLUG the peace and tolerance.

There is nothing called fight caused by the Election ,discussions show how healthy this community is, the community as whole is meant to be healthy with all it's targets ,not only for the administration-ship election .

I think it is courtesy not to be candidate .as administrators should resume the vision.

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