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Raise your hats to Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth Entices OpenSUSE Developers

Shuttleworth sent

Take that Novell!

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Another example of how proprietary software can be bad for your health

No Fix for 'Critical' Hole in Windows 98, ME

The way I see it there are 3 possible reasons why Microsoft won't create a fix for these versions of Windows

1- They can't really fix it like they're saying. Now if you are a normal computer user this is something you can actually believe. But from a software developer's point of view this means only two things. Either Microsoft has a bunch of incompetent developers who can't find a way around this problem or they are lying because simply its a very rare situation where you can't fix a bug in a software

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Microsoft MDC 2005, a day of torture

Today I went to attend Microsoft Middle east Developers Conference 2005. I started the journey at 7 am so i can be there before the croude to register. The trip to Cairo was just as usual and it reminded me of why do I hate Cairo and why do I love Zagazig, Zagazig is small, dirty, full of stupid ignorant fools, but its so quiet.

Anyway I was there at 8:45 am, signed up and got the stupid badge.

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Finally they approved my graduation project

finally after a long struggle with the guys from college they approved my graduation project. I'll be teaching linux to the project team (7 guys who were shoked to know that Linux doesn't have My computer). I guess some people really hate me now because i caused their projects to be rejected but what the heck i don't like them anyway. The graduation project will be building a distro but thats not enough i think so i'll have to do something more specific maybe some coding, after all i'll be re-studying C. Best thing is i WON THE FIGHT WITH THE POWER ! :)

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got my internet connection back!

yeeeeeeha got new cables, got a good deal with the closest internet cafe to me and here i am :). well this means that i'll get to work on alot of things (damn when u think of it, it was nice when i had no internet connection at home). well torrents watch your back here i come

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Linux World 2004

today when i was watching TV as usual and changing channels hoping to find anything good to watch i passed by AL-HURRAH tv channel. Well i don't watch it anyway becuase its a symbol of the american honest media but the moment i spoted the tux i couldn't change the channel :). It was a report about

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