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Letting go

It's been fun while it lasted.

But lately I don't have enough time to give eglug the attention it needs. I barely have enough time to juggle time for the needs of my own life.

I wish I am remembered for the things I added, and forgive for the things I broke.

See you later guys.

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LAN messenger ?

Sometimes you want to talk to someone on a LAN without relying on MSN or whatever. For example when there is no internet connectivity.

In the old days there was a program in windows that used to be able to transfer messages between machines on the same network, I think using the smb protocol. The linux counterpart was linotify. However, for some reason it doesn't work for me anymore and I don't remember the name of the windows program, and I don't even know if it still exists there ( they hid netmeeting too ).

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iPod linux ?

I was reading an interesting blog post about an install fest for ipods and ended up here :

With the number of ipods in Egypt increasing, maybe in the future we can do something like this.

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SPAM aaaaargh!

Yesterday I was enjoying my pre-feast time , when a stupid user registered on submitted spam comments to lots of nodes. I blocked the user and with the help of Msameer I performed a SQL statement that unpublished all of his comments.

I wish we could try, shoot, bomb, electrocute, slaughter etc... all spammers. Let's hear it for anti-spam terrorism!

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The day of stupidity

I think everyone should know this, even if it gets people on my back for a while :P

Today morning was one of these days in which you wish you never woke up.

I was feeling very lazy, didn't want to do anything useful. Then I had a bright idea to update my avatar on

Easy enough what could go wrong ? I prepared the image in the GIMP and opened my eglug user page, choose the picture and clicked save. or so I thought.

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Big meeting

Today we had an unusually full meeting at roastery zamalek. This weekly thursday event is usually social, but this time inevitably the converstions included eglug and some good came out of it.

It's nice to see the LUG coming slowly back into activity.

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Beta phaeronix release

Another belated release. Thanks for everyone who patiently waited for me and helped me. Check here to know all the new goodies :

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/me joins the idle processes pool!

Hi everyone.. remember me ?

Great news I just finished six years of medical school :) So what ? Am I supposed to be a doctor now ? I sure don't feel like it, but hell it feels great just to relax and not have some book up my ***.

I'll be seeing you guys soon, let's shake up this community once again back to the top.

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fribidi2 sneak preview

Screenshot of VLC rendering subtitles with fribidi2 :

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First upstream contribution!

Hey my hwsetup patch just got accepted in portage. This is my first real upstream contribution ( made by me in C ). Does this mean I am a gentoo-dev? I don't think so, but I am looking forward to doing more useful stuff.

That's me Islam Amer :)

Motab is my second name though.

I always use real names for real contributions.

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