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break neck speed

No I didn't have a road accident. I was refferring to the pace of the linux kernel development. So the bitkeeper event didn't slow it down, and moving to git didn't either.

Instead they are churning out code faster. The breakages are being resolved one by one, and there are a lot of exciting experiments going on. But the sad fact remains that none of these kernels have proven reliable for me.

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reiser4 to use or not to use

A debate I had recently about the usage of reiser4 and the bad publicity it has been attracting. Please note that I am not an expert in filesystems, I just tested things and formed an opinion.

The whole thing might not be coherent, but the points are clear, and AFAIK true.

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!seen support for eglug bot

Sleepless boring night, everyone left to hurghada, and #eglug silent. Wanted to learn something new, I picked up something at random, PERL. Yuck.

--- 2005-04-28 08:27:45.000000000 +0200
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Major Event :)

I was busy with real life, but a big event happened and I didn't mention it.

Phaeronix got its page on distrowatch :)

I am very happy.

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Phaeronix LiveCD

At last there is a new release, based on gentoo.

Here is a quick release note, I am still trying to write full release notes:

Now we have a bitorrent up, thanks to Uniball.

here's the torrent :

here's the tracker's status:

Here's the direct download thanks to alienbrain of egyfilm:

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gaining slowlaris experience

On wednesday I had the opportunity of working on a Sun Ultrasparc quad processor workstation. Each processor clocked 400Mhz and the machine had 256 Mb of RAM. Solaris 8 was the operating system running on it. Its age was four years, however it looked brand new.

After a while I got oriented with the weirdness of the keyboard and the filesystem layout, and the clumsiness of CDE. My knowledge of Linux helped a lot, and I was quickly comfortable with the command line.

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Absolutely cool

Take a look at these wild things :

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I got tired of running on my tight 40 GB space. I could either develop phaeronix or collect multimedia and ISOs and stuff. Naturally I chose phaeronix, which wasn't always fun. Suddenly I decided to exchange my 40 GB HDD for a capacious 80 GB WD, as an extra bonus the new HDD has one year warranty and is 7200RPM. It comes cheaper than what I bought the old one for (back when it was new). I might sell the old one as well as an extra 128 MB USB flash memory stick, so that my budget doesn't get a dent in it.

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ndiswrapper and swsup2

This fixes a compilation problem I had with compiling ndiswrapper on 2.6.11-love2. Probably only with SWSUP2 enabled as a module. The error is like this:

CC [M] /home/phaeron/ndiswrapper-1.1/driver/ntoskernel.o
/home/phaeron/ndiswrapper-1.1/driver/ntoskernel.c:1112:61: macro "kthread_run" requires 5 arguments, but only 3 given
/home/phaeron/ndiswrapper-1.1/driver/ntoskernel.c: In function `PsCreateSystemThread':

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Murphy's law.. or not?

I attended all three days of the conference. I gave the "Linux Desktop" session on the second day. And I showed off phaeronix at the mini-expo on the third day.

The whole confrence was a quite good, and everyone was a star. We even got some TV ( el-mehwar channel I think ) and paper reporters. Isn't there anyone following the media coverage?

Despite all the hiccups that ascertain Murphy's law and that computers are unreliable, breaking down just when you need them, it turned out just fine.

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