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Vaporware it is not.

Vaporware it is not.

I just can't wait for installing the gnome 2.10 release. I'll then freeze the desktop and do some light testing.

Hardware detection seems to have returned to my LFS calibre.

I got the system down to 690+ Mb. so there is no need for 900Mb CDs anymore. I did this by removing the portage trees and the installed package database.

I will provide them as separate download, after all, only whoever installs the system to the hard disk ( lucky me if he likes it so much ) will need them.

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patch for knoppix's hwsetup to obey /etc/hotplug/blacklist

#include "stdio.h" #include "string.h" main() { int n = 0; int size = 0; char *comment; char module[1024]; char blacklist[200][1024]; FILE *stream; if((stream = fopen ("/etc/hotplug/blacklist", "r")) != (FILE *)0) { while((fgets(module, 1023, stream)) != (char *)0 ) { comment = strchr(module, '#'); if (comment != 0) *comment = '\0'; comment = strchr(module, '\n'); if (comment != 0) *comment = '\0'; size = strlen(module); if (size < 2) continue; strcat (module , " \0"); strcpy(blacklist[n] , module); n++; fprintf(stderr, module); } } else { fprintf(stderr, "file does not exist"); } return 0; }

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Stabilizing to prepare for alpha release

Well after a loooong time, I am starting to stabilize the system. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I replaced fam with gamin.
  • I updated to latest love sources. Check out the cool genetic scheduler.

  • I removed mono,beagle and tomboy. Yes they are very cool and I like them. but they are not ready yet.
  • I fixed the install script to use zenity.
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patch to add reiser4 support to hal

I got tired of waiting for HAL to add support for the reiser4 filesystem. I found out that the change was in CVS. No problem I thought I'll update to the new vesion.

How complicated can it be? What I didn't know is that it depended on a newer ( CVS ) version of dus. Both CVS version of HAL and dbus were API incompatible with previous verions. That broke a long list of programs that depended on them. BAD MOVE.

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I just noticed..

I just noticed that in the process of developing phaeronix and my own website, I have stopped actively participating in

Sure I made a few comments here and there, but all the creative stuff went to my website.

It could be natural, but still I don't want to detach from this community. I am all for the team spirit, especially when the team is as brilliant as this one.

Therefore, I hereby vow to create more content on even if it's to refer to stuff on my website, or even duplicate it.

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Releasing stuff

I just put the mplayer patch online.

This is the first, in a lot of stuff I'll put online.

Just so no one thinks I am hiding my stuff.

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We're still alive!

while activity here,, #eglug and #phaeronix was really low the past week, I assure you we are all still alive and well. On a side note, here's an update on the stuff in the upcoming version of the LiveCD: -Updates most notably OOO 1.1.3 and jre1.5 -Hardware detection script: error fixing, and huge speed improvement ( no more compiles ). -UI : no more xfce dependency, only ROX and gkrellm. This spared some memory. -less stuff extracted to RAM on startup. -Better way of ejecting the liveCD on shutdown. ( could still be improved though ). -As a result of the last two the LiveCD can now boot with just 64Mb of RAM available and still have 24Mb free after the desktop is up. ( confirmed in qemu ).

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0.77 final released.

okay I hope this is final.

I have tried to update the included software, and fix as many bugs as i can find.

I hope it works for you. I am too tired to talk. I will try to fix up my website at soon.


which contains : 24286fcba582db81466ffb03d69f945c phaeronix-0-77.iso

I will upload it elsewhere soon.


okay bitorrent is working now thanks to Uniball. You can find it on here:

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At last 0.77

After excruciating effort I managed to roll out 0.77 before the start of this academic year. This year I will be really busy as I intend to get higher grades, so I won't be that active in development. Don't get me wrong I won't vanish. I will still answer questions and collect bug reports and work on them when I can.. but I don't think there will be big changes. I was discussing this with Youssef Assad , Uniball and DjKing and we decided someone could take over maintaining the project with my help. Anyone with reasonable skill and willing to spend time can be of help. After all, a team is much better than one person. DjKing accepted the responsibility but I failed to give him the ISO before he left to Kuwait (shame on me).

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it's been a long time

Hi again. It's been a long time since my last blog. It's about time. I am very close to uploading a new full iso that hopefully is more robust than the last one. Also I will be making a mini-cd iso which will contain only the GUI but no real programs. this will help ppl who want to bugfix hw detection and such things with me, Other major event are also about to happen but I will hold back onto that until they finalize. On a sidenote : After about 55 downloads of the ISO I didn't get a single report except from alaa. I wish ppl would realise that the bandwidth they used is expensive ( morally not literally ).

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