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I was surprised today to find that the creative modem blaster v.90 DI5663 is a HSFi modem and works with the conxant drivers...

Good for me!

I contacted Mohammed elzubeir and he turned out to be in dubai. I will try to attend this week's dubai LUG meeting as he suggested.

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First install of [email protected]

don't get so excited I only installed it on my father's pc. Nothing unusual. Grubconf failing miserably everytime. cya later.

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Phaeronix 0.75b iso online

Okay since I am leaving tomorrow and I couldn't give the ISO to Mohammed Sameer I uploaded it at college.

md5sum : 20cd07f8671b8797785535d2dddcdaac

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Woken up from death

I just woke up now after a period ( 96 hours ) of continuous travelling, sleepless. From alex to agamy to tanta to sakkia to college.

I went to sakkia on monday as advertised, I reached there at 9:45am waited till 11:00am before only two people showed up. So I dumped my session papers and I setteled for a one to one approach in discussion. They asked a lot of questions, especially on how to become a good user in linux without depending on some pretty gui. Hopefully I answered them all.

I left sakkia at about 1:45pm shattered not only from lack of sleep but also because I felt like nobody was interested.

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An exhilirating experience

Today I was forced to give the debugging session at the sakia. I had come prepared to help Mohammed Sameer in presenting the session but I was not prepared to give the whole session on my own. I don't know the impression I gave but I tried my best to be friendly. After I finished I had the opportunity to plant phaeronix0.75b on one of the sakia's computers and added it to the mandrake boot menu ( they said they needed mandrake for the culug courses ).

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My doing this time.

I am so sorry I didn't attend the firewall session, something urgent came up. However I will ISA attend the bugfixing session tomorrow (er today).

Speaking of bugfixing I got a round to fixing the openbox patch so that it no longer messes the taskbar text. I will submit the change to MohammedSameer. Yupee.

Gnome-meeting another compilation from hell, is now in place, it remains however to be seen if it works ( I suspect the LDAP server will be a problem, and I don't know scratch about LDAP ).

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Dunno what to think...

Cups patch works with both stable and development versions of cups. I viewed the ps file output using gs and gsx (I made a crazy way to force it to use gtk2+ and it worked hehe).

The text is bidi and shaped but there are little gaps between the letters. This is true for both the patched versions I compiled. I'll have to see if this is to be fixed or is a mistake of my own.

I stumbled across a page on the mozilla bugzilla that says that a patch for arabic text copy bug is already available. I'll look into the matter.

Inkscape turned out to be gtkmm (c++ gtk) which I don't have or use. bummer.

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Writer's block overcome!

After a long delay I can finally write something down.

I applied the CUPS patch to the stable CUPS source ( with a few failed chunks applied by hand ). I then proceeded to test it by printing to a .ps file ( I haven't a printer ). Then to my astonishment I had no program that could view PostScript. I thought okay little oversight. I pulled out ImageMagick and ggvfrom my archive. They both needed ghostscript. I pulled espgs. It wouldn't compile. BLOCK. I tried to test the new gimp-print with gimp-2 but couldn't get it to work. BLOCK. The whole printing issue is really messy everything is dependent on everything. It's a chicken and egg problem. BLOCK.

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Nothing major yet...

I was busy/lazy these days in preparation for the pediatrics oral and clinical exam which was over on saturday.

Now I can turn anew to the finalization of this beta, which is way overdue. I keep resisting new and radical ideas in favor for simple and fast ideas, and trying to fix those little annoying things that keep coming up ( bugs ).

As I expected gaim-vv didn't work, I tried it with two different people, useless. I suspect it may be a mistake I made ( using alsa for sound when compiling libmediastreame perhaps ). I might try again later.

I fixed the silly webmin problem which turned out to be due to my usage of a UTF-8 locale. I used LC_ALL="C" before launching webmin and everything returned to normal. I hope this never recurrs again.

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Mplayer Subtitles are arabic...

After some hair tearing and screaming I figured out how to exercise the patch found by Mohammed Sameer.

And what do you know... it worked wonderful...

However the input file has to be in UTF-8 first and iconv failed miserably as it messed up the text.

Again MohammedSameer cam to the rescue! His wonderful katoob flawlessy saved the srt file to utf-8. Maybe there's a more friendly way to circumvent the very buggy mplayer interface... for now I have to add the options to the command line...

Seems like all the mics in the world are either broken or on vacation.. Haven't tested gaim-vv

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