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Arab Digital Expression Camps looking for trainers

Not sure if this will be relevant to most of you, but I think some of you might be interested. Here it is ...

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Notes of the PHP from within Drupal 1st session

We'll be working with Drupal 5. To test all this php examples while working on Drupal: From create content, choose page (or story) and write the code betwwen the php tags, and dont forget to change the input format to php, otherwise the code will be stripped out.

Where to find PHP in Drupal:

  • nodes
  • blocks
  • theme templates
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Notes of the PHP from within Drupal 2nd session

Examples we used:

Example 1:

between the php tags:

$result = taxonomy_select_nodes( array(1, 3), 'or', 'all', true);
$html = node_title_list($result);
$html.= theme('pager');
print $html;

Example 2:

between the php tags:

$node = node_load(55);
print $node->choice[$i]['chvotes'];

and add to the url:


try 0 and 2 instead of one, to get the number of votes for the first and third choice respectively.

Example 3:

Doing the same thing but using Drupal functions.

between the php tags:

$node = node_load(55);
print $node->choice[$i]['chvotes']."
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Wireless Networking in the Developing World

From the release note:

In almost every village, town, or city in the developing world, there are people who can build just about anything. With the right know-how, this can include wireless networks that connect their community to the Internet. The book addresses what Rob Flickenger, the book's editor and lead author, calls a chicken-and-egg problem: "While much information about building wireless networks can be found on-line, that presents a problem for people in areas with little or no connectivity", said Flickenger from his workshop in Seattle.
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Hey guys and gals

I usually dont get messages on my EGLUG inbox, so I dont bother to check it regularly, today I found the following message:

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أم رجل مسلوخة

Hi everyone, just thought I'd take this to my blog to avoid getting off topic.

thanx a lot for ur concern about my health, I went to another doctor and he said the same thing, that I had tamazoq fi al arbeta and that I need to put my leg in a cast for almost 3 weeks.

so thats what I did, and now I'm wearing a very bulky cast, but it's not a full cast, only gebess under my foot and at the back of my leg (L shaped), sorry to disappoint those who wanted to sign it ;-)

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theming the calendar

I themed the calendar interface:

  1. to have friday and saturday with a different color (instead of saturday and sunday)
  2. to make the calendar use the same color palete of this theme

plz everyone check it and tell me ur opinions.

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theming the forum page interface

I themed the forum page interface to look more like the phpbb forums, so that it will be more familiar to new members.

plz everyone check it and tell me ur opinions.

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Inlined Styles

  • Repeated:
    • In the div which is under (div class="main-content" id="content-both") contains (div class="tabs" id="tabs-1") containing the navigation tabs:: (div style="margin:0; padding:0;")
    • In the div which is under (div class="main-content" id="content-both"):: (div style="margin: -3px 3px 0 3px; padding: 5px; border-left: solid 1px; border-right: solid 1px; border-bottom: solid 1px;")
    • quotes in titles need to be changed to named inteties
  • Left bar:
    • In the table which is under (div class="block block-filestore):: (table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"):: many of the tds have align and valign attributes.
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Current EGLUG related Projects...eshm3na ana ;-)

eshm3na MadFarmAnimalz wi mhlmi ya3ni
I will finish xams on 12th june, and i'll start serious work immediately.


  1. work on the CSS and change the color theme.
  2. help with the drupal translation.
  3. helping DarknessWolf with the translation of the charter (there r few sentences that need some modifications).
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