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Sun Optimized AMP Stack for the Solaris 10 OS

Sun Microsystems will support AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) in Sun Solaris.

Check for more details

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Sun Press Release: Open Sourcing Java...

Sorry for long mail, but I can't find the reference for this mail.

By now you may have heard about this on the newswires...

Many of you have heard us say, "Volume Drives Value." This is a simple but powerful concept: the more developers there are on the network, the more compelling devices and services they create, the broader the market opportunity for the Java Community at-large...and for Sun...

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INFOS 2006

I believe that this conference is one of the most successful conferences in Egypt, even if the number of attenders is little

Ahmed Hashim
Software Engineer

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Happy birthday to Hashim

Happy birthday to Hashim.

31 December is my birthday :P

I know that almost all of you will celebrate with it ;)

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Ahmed Hashim is a Senior Member

Congratulation for Ahmed Hashim, he has been promoted to be a senior member.

I think being a senior member means a lot, at least for me.

There are some benefits also for senior members like Blog and creating events.

I'd like to ask Admin's to add the score of participating in the last installation feast to the volunteers, we may have more Senior members.

Thank you All.

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