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EGLUG outage


We had problems with our host, they probably changed something in their configuration that lead to breakage of Drupal under php4. We are currently running on php5.


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Arabic hunspell dictionary.

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What'd people like to see during the fest ?

Since I still don't know what to offer during the fest, I thought about asking what'd people like to see ? Maybe I can find something ;-)

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الشبكات اللاسلكية باللغة العربية

هذه هى الماده العلمية التى تم اعدادها لورشة التقنيات اللاسلكيه بشمال افريقيا هذا العام:

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للتعريف بأنظمة نقل الصوت عبر الشبكات بالعربية

Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike 2.5

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ثلاثة كتب عربية تشرح اوبن اوفيس تحت رخصة الابداع العامة

...تم إعداد هذا العمل ليكون مرشدا لك في كيفية استخدام وإتقان العمل على حزمة أوبن أوفيس، ولقد روعي فيه البساطة الشديدة حتى يسهل على كل الشرائح ، وهذا لا يعني أنه لا يصلح للمتقدمين بل العكس فهو يختصر الوقت عليهم في تعلم هذه الحزمة الرائعة.

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GUC fest updates & FUD clarification.

I've talked with Islam tonight about all the issues. It seems that we had a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Some people knew that a couple of things were stated incorrectly during the meeting thus they didn't stand up and say it. I'm not blaming anyone anyway.

Negotiations with the GUC are already in progress. If everything goes right, Islam, fred and hopefully me will be there on Saturday hanging the EGLUG event poster. It's basically an A4 poster about the event as Islam discovered that a lot of students don't know about the event.

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Debian is hurting my back, eyes and neck!

Just finished answering the 2nd part of the Philosophy and Procedures part of the Debian Developer process.

This part is composed of 30 god damn questions, Took me something like 5 hours to finish it.

Why am I saying this ? STFU!

It's my blog and I'll post whatever I want to post :-P

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بجد لو سمحتوا حد يساعد قائمة الكلمات العربيه

بجد دى آخر محاوله علشان الموضوع ده و بجد لو مانفعتش اتصور ان مش هايبقى عندنا مدقق املائى عربى

يعنى عندنا 71000 كلمه بس فى لغة زى العربى

حد عنده افكار نزود كلمات ازاى ؟ حد مستعد يتطوع و يبص على الكلمات و يقول انهى صح و انهى غلط ؟

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EGLUG updated.

I wonder what you will do without me :-)

Cheers, Administration team.

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