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Sink or swim, EGLUG

Those of you who know me know that I have a lot of things demanding my attention these days. I do not see any reason to think that the future will bring reductions on attention-requiring things in my life. EGLUG has been gracious enough to take as little of my time as I have been able to give it, and I have given it gladly.

We are now almost 3 years into the life of EGLUG, and it's time for this LUG to grow up and stand on its own legs. It might already be doing that, but I may not be able to see that simply by being active in it. When we created EGLUG years ago, one of the deepest motivations was that it be sustainable and have a life of its own.

So, hoping that the group we created can live up to this, I'd just like to take this blog entry to clarify that I will not be devoting time to EGLUG from now on as I have in the past. If I am called to volunteer I may do so if time permits, but I will not have the organizational rôle which I have had in the past; and which has decreased in frequency and intensity against my will and in favor of other life pursuits.

So, EGLUG, you're going to need to swim now. I'll keep on poking my head in, but only as a casual observer.

Thanks. I'll be hoping for the next slashdot frontpager.

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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

So, on Friday I was supposed to meet Zeyad at El Sakia for the Friday market. It all went wrong, however; the night before the stress of having too many things to get done got me in the form of migraine and a bit of stomach upset.

So, I slept till 1 pm, totally forgetting about Zeyad, and I had even forgotten that Khaled of el Sakia had requested we postpone this for a week.

My sincere apologies, Zeyad.

As for me, I will be taking a bit of a break from EGLUG for a few days.

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Youssef Assad's Current Projects

These days, I'm fairly swamped. Quite apart from my job (which has nothing to do with Linux or IT), I have several things going on which relate to Linux and EGLUG.

For the curious, here's the personal projects I have going:

  1. Translating the Hacker HOWTO by ESR into Arabic (25% done; I have started on the `Basic Hacking Skills' section) (UPDATE: I'm thinking of putting what I have done already on the wiki for others to contribute to. Not sure I'll get it done.)
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Bash prompts up the wazoo!

So, I spent last night mucking about with color codes and arcane /proc entries and came up with a prompt so bloated that it wouldn't look out of place in Microsoft Windows XP. Features:

  • 2 lines
  • Full path of CWD
  • name of user, colorised (green if normal user, red if root)
  • time/date
  • one field alternating between the hostname in green or the text ``I am DIRTY!'' in red depending on whether the kernel has been tainted or not.
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