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A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection

This link was mentioned in #eglug today:

Lug is running on nanoweb!

Congratulations folks. The LUG is now 80% more php :-).

Please report any performance issues, though I'm sure it's all going to be positive.

Specifying select root in Prototype's $$

Prototype's latest development code featured the awesome $$() that can select elements by passing it a CSS selector.. Though this is still on the development respository and not released yet, I know many people who uses it, including me.

I've added a tiny functionality to the $$() that makes it even more useful and usable IMO. It allows specifying any node that implements getElementsByTagName (that means any XMLDocument node, and most of other HTML nodes) to be selected as the root of the search. Simply by appending this node object to the list of selectors you pass to $$(). Also, it doesn't force you to do so, if you don't need this functionality, simply don't pass anything and it will work --as it does by default-- on the document object.

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