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Stop FF memory leaks

If you want to disable this feature just follow the following instruction:

  1. type about:config in your address bar
  2. scroll down to browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers
  3. set its value to 0 (zero)

Enjoy a less memor

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Krita vs. Gimp

"Krita." I am hearing some good things but haven't had a chance to run it yet.

Krita teams original goals were:

  1. Based on KOM
  2. XML-based File formats
  3. RGB support
  4. CYMK support
  5. Compatiblity with Gimp plugins
  6. Scriptable with Python
  7. Based on Image Magic Core
  8. Multi-threading
  9. 16bit channel images

So far 1.4 supports:

  1. RGB
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Reported vulnerabilities and real security favor Firefox

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Opera seems smoother than firefox

I've been thinking about using opera instead of firefox. Opera seems alot smoother.

Anyone else notice a difference?

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Technical Toilet - Understanding Computer Technology

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New Service for LinkDSL Axelerate

go ahead and subscribe for a limited time.

you can activate / pause / re-activate the time whenever you w

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The Emperor Penguin

there is now online a truly important interview with Linus Torvalds on the state of the kernel here

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Sage - Firefox Extension

A lightweight RSS and ATOM feed aggregator.

These is a useful extension. Its really easy to use and it's pretty cool using for your minimal RSS needs & Imports and exports OPML feed lists

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Prepare for building LFS

1st Preparation Process:

  1. Create the partition which will host the LFS system is prepared
  2. Create a file system on it ( journaling file systems for it's increasingly popular )
  3. Using an existing swap partition
  4. Downloading the appropriate packages
  5. Compiling temporary tools
  6. Compiling and Installing all the packages one by one (Wish For Non-Errors Occurs)
  7. Setting up the boot scripts
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Glossary Module

Where is the glossary module ?

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