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am still alive, installing [email protected], run #2

Working now for Impact Advertising and Marketing, Seniour designer left [email protected], after cinvincing old designers to use inkscape for calligraphy and sketching... intending to do same shit [email protected], managment far more advanced ... , even gotThem interested in BlogginG/Internally ++ install Linux on a G5 lol gotta Love good Hardware....

btw. i guess i'm back in bussiness, have wo

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آخر خبر

This means a new addition to the power of FLOSS

Don't do like me unless you're fully aware of what your're doing

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LinkDotNet offer was not as expected

Too bad the offer turned out that both of us should pay one year in advance. Anyways I heard rumours that DSL prices will drop by the upcoming ICT conference. Well, I hope so.

I removed the blog entry as it is no longer of value and it had my phone number.

Sorry for spamming you guys.

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Happy Feast Eglug

Happy Feast all Muslims ,,Wish all your Prays Come True :)

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/me joins the idle processes pool!

Hi everyone.. remember me ?

Great news I just finished six years of medical school :) So what ? Am I supposed to be a doctor now ? I sure don't feel like it, but hell it feels great just to relax and not have some book up my ***.

I'll be seeing you guys soon, let's shake up this community once again back to the top.

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Happy birthday to Hashim

Happy birthday to Hashim.

31 December is my birthday :P

I know that almost all of you will celebrate with it ;)

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Server outage yesterday.

We suspect a problem with either the SCSI harddisk or the SCSI controller which were responsible for the recent server lockups.

Since me and alaa'll be outside Egypt soon for a while and no quarantee about the net connectivity, We had to transfer the root "/" to te IDE drive although we had another SCSI drive attachd to the server. But to eliminate any problem with the SCSI controller we decided to depend on the IDE until we are back then dig farther.

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Miss You All And sorry for not asking

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خبو عيالكم

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