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RTL/LTR toggle textarea bookmarklet

Bookmark the following if you want to switch the textareas in a page to a right-to-left direction. This helps when writing Arabic.

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a post about on /me blog

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fribidi2 sneak preview

Screenshot of VLC rendering subtitles with fribidi2 :

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flame war with a M$ employee

he is trying to argue that breaking internet standards is acceptable and is all the users fault anyway.

thought you might like to know.

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Yom Agaza

today 2wel yom laia agaza men ba3d ma eshta3'alt ... ma3a eany mosh ba7eb akhod agazat 2ela lama tekon 7aga testahel .. " ha2bel wa7da , hasfer ma3a my friends , 7ad mat " laken bard we 7agat keda mosh mestahla bas ne2ol eah al bard al marady gaye 3ala te2eeel we 7alty menayela be nela men embare7 ... yala raben yostor aho al 7arar nazelet fadel ba2a al bard yero7

  • btw.. my Boss called me ben
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EGLUG drupal 4.6 upgrade, Test site - Please help.

NOTE: The test site is running on a PII 400 with only 96 MB RAM, It's my home server. It'll be slow, I only have a 256/64 kbps ADSL; So please don't feel like visiting the test site to see something new, It's all the same. Please pass by ONLY if you really want to test.

Once we know that the upgrade was smooth, I shall upgrade the main website.

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Comments form fixed.

The comments form was b0rked and unusable, it's a bug in the latest drupal update.

Your *Friendly* Admin,

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EGLUG has been updated.

To fix the latest 3 drupal vulnerabilities.

No one of the admins attempt to do it, I've just did it.

Your *friendly* EGLUG admin,

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i'm offline for the next few weeks

i'll be offline the next few weeks, i'm even sending this from a cyber.. duh this is silly.. i'll be so busy too,,. so i don't think i'll be able to attend alex meetings.. sherbo.. you'll be the only active senior member in alex now.. the future of eglug in alex lied in your hands.. good luck... brocken arrow, i'm sorry but i won't be able to contact any of the centers we agreed that i'll contact..

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arabic and man pages

أخوكم الغلبان حب يشتغل على ترجمة ال man pages بس يظهر مشاكل العربى ورانا ورانا , بعد ما ترجمتلى ملفين تلاته حبيت أجربهم وعينك ما تشوف الا النور كل الحروف طالعة لا تينى والحكاية عك, قولت يمكن المشكلة ان groff شغال latin1 بدل utf-8 جربت "groff -Tutf8" نفس النتيجة, شوفو العجب بقه "groff -Tlatin1" طلعت حروف عربى صح بنسبة 20% والباقى شوية عك !!

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