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سطح المكتب اليومين دول

عالم البرمجيات الحرة دائماً فية الجديد. المهم ان تطورات فى سطح المكتب اليومين دول مشوقة و فيها الجديد.

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Strike HTML tag allowed.

Because I wanted to strike a few words in the africa source II| post.
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Krita vs. Gimp

"Krita." I am hearing some good things but haven't had a chance to run it yet.

Krita teams original goals were:

  1. Based on KOM
  2. XML-based File formats
  3. RGB support
  4. CYMK support
  5. Compatiblity with Gimp plugins
  6. Scriptable with Python
  7. Based on Image Magic Core
  8. Multi-threading
  9. 16bit channel images

So far 1.4 supports:

  1. RGB
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birtday to me ... 3o2bal keda ma ashof nafsey zay mana 3ayez,,, bas 3ala al 3omom 3o2bal ma ashof nafsy ... bokra 3amel 3ez medlady in chilis maadi ..

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Google blog search bookmarklet

Also try opening an IMDB film page and use this bookmarklet to search for people linking to it, you will probably find film reviews. Same thing for books on amazon.

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new blogger migration template

migrating from blogger to drupal

configure blogger

you need to change a few settings in your blogger account.

under settings -> publishing put your ftp server information.

under formatting set the maximum number of items in the index page to 999 posts (if you where patient enoug to actually post 999 posts on blogger then your don't deserve drupal go somewhere else).

for the rest of the settings use

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Reported vulnerabilities and real security favor Firefox

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Opera seems smoother than firefox

I've been thinking about using opera instead of firefox. Opera seems alot smoother.

Anyone else notice a difference?

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install fest 2005

sorry for not being more active this time.

someone should pick a dozen wala 7aga and post them on eglug photo galleries, mods please create a special gallery for fest 2005

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