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ebay buys skype

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My New Blogging Place

Hello There,

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Sorry for the down time today.

I asked our host to add another 40 GB hdd to our dedicated server in addition to the SCSI one we already have.

But they discovered that the IDE controller failed so they had to replace the motherboard which took more than 1 hour.

Sorry for any inconvenience due to the down time.

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InstallFest :(

2w7ash 7aga anak tekon nefsak te3mel 7agten in same time we lazem tekhtar 7aga wa7da bas. ana ba2a akhtar 7aga men 2 ya2ma aro7 hurgada 5 Days 2w 23od 3alshan al installfest we al moseba ane ha2bel nas in hurgada gayale makhsos .. so mosh 3aref 23mel eah bas ba3d tafker 3amek 2olt mabdhash ana asfer we asa3d today fe al ta7deer lel fest we homa ba2a yt3amlo yala Good Luck Guys ana ba2a haro7 azbat in Hurgada :P

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Hey guys and gals

I usually dont get messages on my EGLUG inbox, so I dont bother to check it regularly, today I found the following message:

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My router is burned :'(

damn it.. the adsl router does strange things in the wrong time.. end of the month, installfest is close... i hate these days.. anyway, after my dlink-500t is overheated untill it stopped working, i'll have to buy a new router.. actually i dunno which adsl router to buy.. some say that the speed touch is cool.. and one of my friends(actually he's not an expert) tells me that the planet router is fine (i never heared about it before :S )..

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fest 2005 proposed logo ?

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مرحبا بى

أنا هنا لأرحب بنفسى عضوا متميزا فى جنو/لينكس مصر

بس خلاص

بصراحة أنا حبيت أجرب البتاع ده (هو اسمه ايه بالعربى) بس ماعنديش حاجة أقولها بصراحة -:)

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my todo for 2005


its august already and most of the entries in the todo are still untouched, bad bad bad.

whats even worse is I'm busy till october and practically have no time for eglug :-(

oh well in the true EGLUG tradition here is my todo that never gets done for 2005, this is more of an action wishlist, some stuff is really my todo but most is things I wish EGLUG would do and I hope I'll find others who'll help.

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No more SPAM ?

Thanks to apache mod_security

I hope we'll get rid of the comments spm or at least noticeably decrease the ammount we get!

Filtering all the words the spammer is using using mod_security.

As a side effect, You can't post any word of them ;)

The problem'll return if he started to change the words use but let's leave that until it happen!

With 2 more apache processes I'll be trying to accept 8 simultaneous clients but I'm not sure it'll be OK.

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