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got my internet connection back!

yeeeeeeha got new cables, got a good deal with the closest internet cafe to me and here i am :). well this means that i'll get to work on alot of things (damn when u think of it, it was nice when i had no internet connection at home). well torrents watch your back here i come

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Prepare for building LFS

1st Preparation Process:

  1. Create the partition which will host the LFS system is prepared
  2. Create a file system on it ( journaling file systems for it's increasingly popular )
  3. Using an existing swap partition
  4. Downloading the appropriate packages
  5. Compiling temporary tools
  6. Compiling and Installing all the packages one by one (Wish For Non-Errors Occurs)
  7. Setting up the boot scripts
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Gates talking about Open Source. huh!!!

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Blogs get the media attention

the title was strange on the first look i can't undersatnd what they mean but after i read few lines , i got it the article was talking about about the Blogs and the new system for young people for express them sleves and say what they want ...

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0.77 final released.

okay I hope this is final.

I have tried to update the included software, and fix as many bugs as i can find.

I hope it works for you. I am too tired to talk. I will try to fix up my website at soon.


which contains : 24286fcba582db81466ffb03d69f945c phaeronix-0-77.iso

I will upload it elsewhere soon.


okay bitorrent is working now thanks to Uniball. You can find it on here:

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Broke My Hand :(

Yesterday I was playing with a friend of mine and I broke my hand ... LOL ... That was a hard game ... Actually 2 of my bones went over each other in a strange way ... I rushed to the nearest pharmacy and in a certain way he could grab the bones away from each other ... This really hurted .. hehe ... Today I felt some pain so I went to the hospital and made some stupid X-Ray and The Dr. said that it is broken and it has to be casted ... and now I'm a 1 hand typer and I dont know what will I do in my tests and studies ... This is da right hand .. he3 he3

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EGLUG social gethering in Alex

last saturday while on my vacation I went with MohammedSammeer and Manal to Alex where we had a big EGLUG social gathering.

we met all of EGLUG Alex members except for OneOfOne who found out he was alergic to clean air and sunlight (the whole EGLUG alex population consists of DarknessWolf, LinuxAwy and Sherbo).

we had great fun at downtown alex which is not realy downtown alex, then at downtown alex wich is proper downtown alex, we found out alexandrian geeks don't know anything about their city and had to consult google in order to locate kadora, a net cafe, a coffee shop or even the sea (yes they did not know where the sea was).

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even more packages tested

after wasting a couple of days exploring the great Mandrake educational software I'm finaly back on track (don't try 3d filemanagers its a farce).

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more packages tested

Day 3 of the great RPM race most of the day wasted on trying to get OpenGroupWare to work

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Yet Another Package Crunching Day

day two of whole lotta software tests.

ouch lots of stuff doesn't work or just plain crashes, is this the FOSS quality we're proud off?? maybe these are packaging problems (some of this stuff did not change for years).

anyways here goes

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