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Testing loads of software

Building a community media center and a media library in Abu Al Nomros is turning out to be a very interesting job.

I need to find decent FOSS apps for all sorts of use cases, to be ready for the future I decided to spend a few days going through all the packages available to Mandrake.

I'm testing using cooker since it has more packages, and maybe I'll get to post a bug report or two.

Anyways, I'll keep track of the packages I find promising here, and maybe later I'll review some of them

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At last 0.77

After excruciating effort I managed to roll out 0.77 before the start of this academic year. This year I will be really busy as I intend to get higher grades, so I won't be that active in development. Don't get me wrong I won't vanish. I will still answer questions and collect bug reports and work on them when I can.. but I don't think there will be big changes. I was discussing this with Youssef Assad , Uniball and DjKing and we decided someone could take over maintaining the project with my help. Anyone with reasonable skill and willing to spend time can be of help. After all, a team is much better than one person. DjKing accepted the responsibility but I failed to give him the ISO before he left to Kuwait (shame on me).

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Gmail Invitations

The First 10 persons writting their E-mails will get 10 Gmail invitations :)

Note : NO Doubled Requests

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Begining of September ..the University is on the doors ..

as the month of september begins , it just a few days then comes the day that my mother wake me in the early morning and shout ( Zeyad , wake Up , u must go the game3a and attend all ur lectures , u must take ur bechlor degree this year ) ,, ohh... the university is back again and i must do that go from El Haram to Helwan at least five times a week ..

this is the final year ,, i must go to the university soon and look for a suitalble graduation project with nice doctor ;-) ..

Please friends , remeber me when u pray and ask GOD the sucesses for me and for all the Students ..

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silly virus

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Linux World 2004

today when i was watching TV as usual and changing channels hoping to find anything good to watch i passed by AL-HURRAH tv channel. Well i don't watch it anyway becuase its a symbol of the american honest media but the moment i spoted the tux i couldn't change the channel :). It was a report about

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Testing the new code filter

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { printf("Hello, World!\n"); return 0; }
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LINKdotNET in deep trouble

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Bash Shell Scripting -headlines-

What is the comment, why and how? How can I make my script receive arguments? How to execute scripts ?

What is variable? Is there any Special variables? How and why ?

Notes :

Double (") and single (') quotes behave differently Do not confuse the backtick (`) with single quotes

echo " the value is $value " echo ' the value is $vale '
  1. they are different.
  2. How to skip special chracters ? Using ' ' or using backslash .

    1. note : how ` and ' are different this …GRR

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Command Line session 2

After finishing open topics and question from last session . session 2 will be started.

  1. Redirection and Pipes

    When you get the result of this command ,you were notified that u shouldn't list ur username on every entry .

    once again some of your friends tells u that he want the file to appear like a funky format

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