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Introduction to GNU/Linux command line.

Command Line Course #1 Keynotes of the first command line session .

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Just Test


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it's been a long time

Hi again. It's been a long time since my last blog. It's about time. I am very close to uploading a new full iso that hopefully is more robust than the last one. Also I will be making a mini-cd iso which will contain only the GUI but no real programs. this will help ppl who want to bugfix hw detection and such things with me, Other major event are also about to happen but I will hold back onto that until they finalize. On a sidenote : After about 55 downloads of the ISO I didn't get a single report except from alaa. I wish ppl would realise that the bandwidth they used is expensive ( morally not literally ).

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log of all searches

follows is a quick log of all searches attempted on the eglug website for the duration drupal keeps logs (what did I configure this to be? 6 weeks maybe?)

its quite interesting, the number indicates the number of duplicate searches, the weird node and comment searches are lame DOS attempts

319 'node' 158 'comment' 105 'aggregator' 88 '' 58 'taxonomy' 8 'subtitles' 7 'نبذه عن الينوكس' 5 'wikisyntax' 5 'sex' 5 'modem' 5 'free courses' 4 'forum' 4 'charter' 3 'what's the charter ?' 3 ' subtitles executive target'
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Scroll the Desktop ... Sounds Weird

Actually I wanted sumthing that can help me scroll my desktop ... I know that u r now asking what is the meaning of scroll my desktop ... for example if I opened mozilla and then I use the Scroll bar of the Desktop so that mozilla keeps moving untill it disappears off the desktop and then i can scroll back to it using the desktop scroll bar .... actually i tired Enlightenment but it has something equivilant but not exactly what i wanted but its cool anywayz ... and another problem that made me dont depend on Enlightenment is that i dont have a mouse :"( ... i use my number pad to move the cursor ..

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Networking essential - Session 1

Networking essentials

Keynotes of the first networking essentials session held in Sakia on Monday the 2nd of Aug 2004

  • Information sharing
  • Hardware and software sharing
  • Centralized administration and support

Roles of computers in a network

  • Client
  • Server

  • WAN
  • LAN

  • Application (layer 7)
  • Presentation (layer 6)]
  • Session (layer 5)
  • Transport (layer 4)
  • Network (layer 3)
  • Data-link (layer 2)
  • Physical (layer 1)

  • Types of cables
    • Coaxial
    • Fiber optic
    • Twisted pair (UTP,STP,FTP)
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Glossary Module

Where is the glossary module ?

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course prep

Day 1

Introduction to Free and Open Source Software

  • Free Software ideals
  • Open Source philosophy
  • benefits

The GNU/Linux platform

  • benefits
  • nature

Installing GNU/Linux

  • partitioning
  • locale select
  • package selection
  • hardware detection
  • network settings
  • bootloader
  • user accounts

Basic Desktop usage

  • introduce Gnome
  • introduce KDE
  • favor KDE

Day 2

Basic Desktop usage

  • file management
  • panel navitgation
  • desktop configuration
  • mention differences

Common Applications Office

  • openoffice
  • mention alternatives
  • compatibility
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I was surprised today to find that the creative modem blaster v.90 DI5663 is a HSFi modem and works with the conxant drivers...

Good for me!

I contacted Mohammed elzubeir and he turned out to be in dubai. I will try to attend this week's dubai LUG meeting as he suggested.

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First install of [email protected]

don't get so excited I only installed it on my father's pc. Nothing unusual. Grubconf failing miserably everytime. cya later.

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