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Phaeronix 0.75b iso online

Okay since I am leaving tomorrow and I couldn't give the ISO to Mohammed Sameer I uploaded it at college.

md5sum : 20cd07f8671b8797785535d2dddcdaac

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About the debugging session

Ok, just to announce it. You guys know that I didn't give the debugging session as i said i'll.
Ok, Take my word: I'll give another session on debugging instead, please don't ask me when'll this happen exactly, But soon ISA.

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Woken up from death

I just woke up now after a period ( 96 hours ) of continuous travelling, sleepless. From alex to agamy to tanta to sakkia to college.

I went to sakkia on monday as advertised, I reached there at 9:45am waited till 11:00am before only two people showed up. So I dumped my session papers and I setteled for a one to one approach in discussion. They asked a lot of questions, especially on how to become a good user in linux without depending on some pretty gui. Hopefully I answered them all.

I left sakkia at about 1:45pm shattered not only from lack of sleep but also because I felt like nobody was interested.

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demo GFX session @sakia

it seems that the manic assailant was lecturing them on the nitty gritty of what gfx is all about!!, imagine the nerve of that fellow!!, and claimed that the software tools you used didn't make the artist!! , such audacity continued for 2 houres, till the maniac was sedated by nicotine rods!

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This is super

And it is in the public domain too.

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/dev/cabal kernel module


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An exhilirating experience

Today I was forced to give the debugging session at the sakia. I had come prepared to help Mohammed Sameer in presenting the session but I was not prepared to give the whole session on my own. I don't know the impression I gave but I tried my best to be friendly. After I finished I had the opportunity to plant phaeronix0.75b on one of the sakia's computers and added it to the mandrake boot menu ( they said they needed mandrake for the culug courses ).

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My doing this time.

I am so sorry I didn't attend the firewall session, something urgent came up. However I will ISA attend the bugfixing session tomorrow (er today).

Speaking of bugfixing I got a round to fixing the openbox patch so that it no longer messes the taskbar text. I will submit the change to MohammedSameer. Yupee.

Gnome-meeting another compilation from hell, is now in place, it remains however to be seen if it works ( I suspect the LDAP server will be a problem, and I don't know scratch about LDAP ).

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Webcam stop motion

I wrote a 10 line python script to grab the photos and by a simple mencoder command, I create the video.

The python script:

  1. !/usr/bin/python
import urllib, time, sys
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Dunno what to think...

Cups patch works with both stable and development versions of cups. I viewed the ps file output using gs and gsx (I made a crazy way to force it to use gtk2+ and it worked hehe).

The text is bidi and shaped but there are little gaps between the letters. This is true for both the patched versions I compiled. I'll have to see if this is to be fixed or is a mistake of my own.

I stumbled across a page on the mozilla bugzilla that says that a patch for arabic text copy bug is already available. I'll look into the matter.

Inkscape turned out to be gtkmm (c++ gtk) which I don't have or use. bummer.

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