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a bit rebellious!!

still dont exactly know how to pronounce this one but the screen shots look super clean and very smooth, i'm getting all the parts from cvs right now, i wonder if this will lead me towards a new WM/Desktop crusade !! stay tuned

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Translation errors.

I'll keep here the errors I find:

  1. when viewing a blog entry, you'll find " %أسم·سجلّ خادم الويب" err
  2. another one at the bottom
  3. al gesm in the box I'm writing in ATM
  4. text describing the various form elements is not right alligned.
  5. home is translated to "el manzel"
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when was the last time i slept!!

baby sister arrives from holland tomorow 13 different art jobs dew by the end of the week (menus / flyers / posters and shit) 4 technical drawings for collage tommorrow!! havent started yet BA Project weekly report finish up linux graphics course discription CAD detaild tech drawing dew thurshday , and to top it all off --> finals begin on next saterday!!!!! we awelha 7'ara sannah .... :(((

if MFA dares to comment on this, somebody is going to see his worst nightmare come true!!

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Writer's block overcome!

After a long delay I can finally write something down.

I applied the CUPS patch to the stable CUPS source ( with a few failed chunks applied by hand ). I then proceeded to test it by printing to a .ps file ( I haven't a printer ). Then to my astonishment I had no program that could view PostScript. I thought okay little oversight. I pulled out ImageMagick and ggvfrom my archive. They both needed ghostscript. I pulled espgs. It wouldn't compile. BLOCK. I tried to test the new gimp-print with gimp-2 but couldn't get it to work. BLOCK. The whole printing issue is really messy everything is dependent on everything. It's a chicken and egg problem. BLOCK.

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Nothing major yet...

I was busy/lazy these days in preparation for the pediatrics oral and clinical exam which was over on saturday.

Now I can turn anew to the finalization of this beta, which is way overdue. I keep resisting new and radical ideas in favor for simple and fast ideas, and trying to fix those little annoying things that keep coming up ( bugs ).

As I expected gaim-vv didn't work, I tried it with two different people, useless. I suspect it may be a mistake I made ( using alsa for sound when compiling libmediastreame perhaps ). I might try again later.

I fixed the silly webmin problem which turned out to be due to my usage of a UTF-8 locale. I used LC_ALL="C" before launching webmin and everything returned to normal. I hope this never recurrs again.

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All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

So, on Friday I was supposed to meet Zeyad at El Sakia for the Friday market. It all went wrong, however; the night before the stress of having too many things to get done got me in the form of migraine and a bit of stomach upset.

So, I slept till 1 pm, totally forgetting about Zeyad, and I had even forgotten that Khaled of el Sakia had requested we postpone this for a week.

My sincere apologies, Zeyad.

As for me, I will be taking a bit of a break from EGLUG for a few days.

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Death of an old monster and birth of a devil

Yesterday, I had lots of trouble with my home server. It is a Pentium I 233 MMX 32MB RAM running as a gateway, firewall, proxy and does some bandwidth shaping. It seems that the amount of hardware errors increased to an extent that software can not handle anymore. I am having lots and lots of kernel panics and so on. I think that all the hardware trouble is because of the failing hard drive. I think that the drive is failing and I should no longer depend on it.

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Mplayer Subtitles are arabic...

After some hair tearing and screaming I figured out how to exercise the patch found by Mohammed Sameer.

And what do you know... it worked wonderful...

However the input file has to be in UTF-8 first and iconv failed miserably as it messed up the text.

Again MohammedSameer cam to the rescue! His wonderful katoob flawlessy saved the srt file to utf-8. Maybe there's a more friendly way to circumvent the very buggy mplayer interface... for now I have to add the options to the command line...

Seems like all the mics in the world are either broken or on vacation.. Haven't tested gaim-vv

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Alaa considered harmful

Every day Alaa gives me more reasons to hate HATE him even more then evar before before.

If you officially hate Alaa, please reply to this post, and say "I do".

Cause you all know, deep down inside, we all do hate Alaa.

Also, for all disorder lovers, please even if you don't hate Alaa, also say "I do". Cause if ya truely love him, you'd want him to join the disorder clan, and help me my quest, to make him appreciate ... disorder.

We need not order. We need not authority.

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Been to hell and back...

This must have been one of the most hellish compile sessions I ever had.

Finally I compiled gaim-vv and I have it currently open waiting for anyone with a mic or webcam to test it. I don't expect it to work but hey you can't blame me for trying.

I'll keep you updated...

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