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Does life suck?

simple question, my answer is HELL YES.

just nothing makes any sense any more..

is there anything real out there?

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Miracles do happen!

In what felt like a surrueal miracle emerging out of the sky, OpenBox now shows arabic titles correctly...

This miracle was single-handedly programmed by MohammedSameer, programmer extraordinaire!

The patch is ready, it still needs some ironing before getting submitted, then I'll move on to bugging MohammedSameer about doing something else...

His name will certainly be mentioned with honor from now on...

as a sidenote, here's a mini to-do list for the things I want to ask for Mohammed's help in: 1-OpenBox: arabic titles... almost done 2-Mplayer: arabic OSD for subtitles... 3-Xdialog: port to GTK2+...

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A day on the lazy side...

Well yesterday I spent 5 hours playing Max Payne 2 on my just compiled CVS cedega ( winex 4.0 ). Thanks for OneOfOne for pointing out this update.

I also tried out the latest nVidia drivers.

To tell the truth, the performance of the game at medium quality 640x480x32bit color was truly amazing, far exceeding my windows system.

I noticed in the config file for this winex verion that "Need for Speed Underground" could be run, I hope hotpersuit 2 can run too... This way there would be truly no reason to boot into windows ;)

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Notes to self

Arabic is really cool and I should not stop using it.

Debian is killing me, considereing switch to mandrake, I love the french ppl.

I decided to give emacs another shot, vim is trippin'

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Soo tired... Yet so happy...

3:45 am

Aim : automated interactive yet simple install procedure to transfer phaeronix from liveCD to Hdd.

Experiment: primary test of simple install script

subject : my cousin's poor old 8Gb hdd.

procedure : using latest version livecd, I played around with qtparted and it worked fine all with non-destructive resizing. The install script successfully detected a too small partition. Then I settled for a true partition table. I fired up the install script and I had a ready installed system

conclusion : Success of automation of first two steps of installation.

Next Step : Grub auto/interactive setup.

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My Current TODO list ?

heh, I'm spitting here some shit that I want to do

  1. Complete the Courier document.
  2. Start writing the 2nd part of the PAM document with some practical examples.
  3. complete OpenBox patching to support Arabic "bidi + shaping"
  4. seen function in the bot.
  5. Stop loving my GF ?! :|
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going up!!

i'll just let out some steam, i'm banned from linux-egypt for a week!!! , lol the over touchy mod, decided that it wasn't enough to remove a link i posted there, high in his grace desided to punish poor little shiverring me, for stating my honest opinion!!,

it's about the conexant issue again, obviously this bloody modem is as mucked up as MFA claimed it is, and here i am , the user of a sweet zoom 56k linmodem, being hit by the conexant curse!!!

no wonder every one is freeking out!! LOL

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It just hit me...

Just now I realized that people don't know that my phaeronix (the liveCD and the hdinstalled system) has been in use by some people for quite some time. It has also been running as an experimental server in the faculty of medicine Cairo University.

I guess I will have to write a full case study soon as alaa suggested, and try to illustrate the powers of linux.

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I loved the meeting

Although I arrived late at the EGLUG late, I liked what I heard.

I also specially liked the attention my liveCD got when I tried it on DjKing's ferrari laptop. It built up some ego ;)

Anyway the laptop's batterly died later and my dev CDRW was trapped inside. Nevertheless I will be releasing the iso soon, for direct download and as a bittorrent too.


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testing blah

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