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Main exams over, freedom at hand

The main two exams are over.. Now I'm almost free..

Soon I will release phaeronix publicly for the first time.

I think I will be able to attend the meeting on the 3rd...

What time is it? I hope I can attend early right after my clinical lesson.

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Phaeronix 0.75 soon ISA

I am very close to releasing phaeronix v0.75. Just as soon as I finish my written exams.

I also hope that people find it interesting enough to contribute.

Any way I have high hopes..

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reservation module

i created a reservation module (finally) for drupal that works like a poll but i would record who is chose what option so that we can count who is coming to events and who isn't

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murphy strikes!!!!


who ever said that misery loves company .. knew what he was talking about ..

my tips page

sometimes you fall on simple information that turn to be very usefull so i'll be keeping a list of my favourite stuff:

browser tips:

1- use extensions, it's a wonderful thing avilable in many browsers, it's called extentions in mozilla/mozilla firefox so i'll call it extensions, in firefox you can find the list of installed extentions at Tools>Options>Extensions , extensions are add-ons, they provide extra features that you may need which are not by default included in the browser, things like

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Inlined Styles

  • Repeated:
    • In the div which is under (div class="main-content" id="content-both") contains (div class="tabs" id="tabs-1") containing the navigation tabs:: (div style="margin:0; padding:0;")
    • In the div which is under (div class="main-content" id="content-both"):: (div style="margin: -3px 3px 0 3px; padding: 5px; border-left: solid 1px; border-right: solid 1px; border-bottom: solid 1px;")
    • quotes in titles need to be changed to named inteties
  • Left bar:
    • In the table which is under (div class="block block-filestore):: (table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"):: many of the tds have align and valign attributes.
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drupal hack

yesterday i tried to hack the poll module to create a reservation module to be used with meetings and all events that need reservation but it was a failure :(

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Drupal config we are using

keeping track of what I done already in drupal, otherwise we'll get lost and have a horible time upgrading.

hmm this is getting to be very long maybe I should split it wala do it real blog style and report each day on its own post.


  1. made TitleModule use double square brackets for title link for compatibility with WikiModule
  2. disabled turning white spaces leaded paragraphs into pre tagged paragraphs in WikiModule
  3. changed hardcoded width="100%" in tables used in image module for compatibility with our current CSS layout.
  4. patched new php template default theme main.tpl

my modified lyx arabic keymap

after a week of practicing with the arabic keys , i still type with a very slow rate that i thought of another solution to this arabic writing problem, it works best for me after getting used to it in like 2 hours or something. recently i use lyx as my favourite word processor, this procedure only works with lyx. the solution in a few words is to replace the lyx arabic keymap so that the A becomes alef and the T becomes teh and so on, instead of the typical keymap that puts the the alef on H key etc.. all you need to do is to replace the file /usr/share/lyx/kbd/arabic.kmap with the modified version (assuming you have lyx supporting arabic already)*.

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