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Once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a planet full of trolls and lawyers. The lawyers were like any other lawyers. And the same for trolls, they were like any other annoying trolls. Suddenly the population of trolls and lawyers increased on that planet to unimaginable degree. The lawyers started to ask for rules and bylaws and trolls started asking for coffee and tea. Coffee and tea plantation on this planet were not sufficient, its a planet with no equator. And what the lawyers asked for was too complicated for IANALs. Then suddenly an idea came to a group of lawyers and trolls, that they would create a space ship and take all the lawyers and trolls with them. As they were the only two groups of people not happy with their planet.

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planet haram "return to reality"

right now i'm working on the structure of this alleged book, i'll be posting what ever results here for those who are interested, for now it's just the ususal GNU spirit that is needed, if you see some thing wrong, NAIL IT!! :)

should be posting something by tommorow night, i guess

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My first blog post

I am sick.

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Current EGLUG related Projects...eshm3na ana ;-)

eshm3na MadFarmAnimalz wi mhlmi ya3ni
I will finish xams on 12th june, and i'll start serious work immediately.


  1. work on the CSS and change the color theme.
  2. help with the drupal translation.
  3. helping DarknessWolf with the translation of the charter (there r few sentences that need some modifications).
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greetz from planet haram

i think i'll start working on this starting next week, i wouls appreciate it if any one has any compiled material or ideas that they want to share?? not the the collage report that is, but for the final online pdf book :)

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Security Tip

Tip of the week

StartX by default listens on port 6000, to see this you can type at a terminal:

netstat -an

This is not considered secure, or good linux practice to leave it listening for connections, since this can be exploited and leave you vulnerable. To close the connection, and make X a more secure place change to the directory where startx is at:

cd /usr/X11R6/bin/

With your editor open startx, and look for the following line:

serverargs=" "

Change the line now to reflect this:

serverargs="-nolisten tcp"

Be sure you don't forget to add the dash ---> - in front of 'nolisten tcp' Now save and close startx, log off Xwindows your desktop, and log back in, then run 'netstat -an' and you will now see that 6000 has been closed and is not there anymore

mhlmi's current projects too


ادى ليا ثلاث أيام كنت المفروض اكون ترجمت فيهم وثيقة "كيف تسأل بالطريقة الزكية" لكن كل مرة أقول هكمل تيجى حاجة تنط تبوظ الدنيا, المهم أنا برضه هكتب عن الحاجات اللى انا مشغول فيها و ليها علاقة بالمجموعة:

٢- باذن الله هشارك فى ترجمة واجهة دروبال مع باقى المجموعة

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Youssef Assad's Current Projects

These days, I'm fairly swamped. Quite apart from my job (which has nothing to do with Linux or IT), I have several things going on which relate to Linux and EGLUG.

For the curious, here's the personal projects I have going:

  1. Translating the Hacker HOWTO by ESR into Arabic (25% done; I have started on the `Basic Hacking Skills' section) (UPDATE: I'm thinking of putting what I have done already on the wiki for others to contribute to. Not sure I'll get it done.)
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drupal install

finally had the time to setup drupal on my laptop i just tackled to the basic features and setup i tried PHPNUKE before but drupal is cooler i should be now trying to help with EGLUG challenges wish me luck good luck

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kernel compile

last night i did a recompile of the 2.6 kernel shiped with fedora core 2 on my i686 micron laptop

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