What is OpenCD ?

Open Source Software (OSS) is provided with a license that gives the end user the right to use it freely for private or commercial use. You also havet he right to inspect and even modify the underlying source code. You can give away or sell the original version you received or one with your modification, though you may be required to in turn pass on the modified source code so that others can benefit from the changes you have made. This last clause protects the devel oper's work from unfair exploitation by others, while allowing the source code t o be released to the community. You are not required to pay royalties to previou s developers, but you are still permitted to charge money for the sale of OSS. This disc may have been given to you by a friend; or sold to you for a small fee, and both are permitted. Keep in mind that there are many different licenses, e ach of which has its own particular set of conditions. If you plan to distribute or modify one of the programs on this disc, please double check the license bef ore you begin so you'll be clear on both your rights and obligations.

TheOpenCD is a small collection of only the highest quality OSS for Windows, easily available on a CD. The programs are carefully selected to ensure stability , ease of use and a clean install and un-install from your computer. As the CD browser technology (called DiscTree) has matured and improved, it has become fea sible to create derivative distributions such as the recent Ubuntu LiveCD collection . The CD is intended as a first introduction to the world of OSS, but it is our hope that you will later go on to explore other projects, and at some stage you may even want to try a whole new operating system, such as Linux ( sometimes called GNU/Linux ).