Report on the SSTE first GNU/Linux Course

Report on the First GNU/Linux Course For the SSTE members

We (EGLUG) were contacted From the SSTE members to arrange GNU/Linux courses for them in Central El-Fawala.

Volunteers who participate in this event:

First day Tuesday 12 - 4 - 2005 from 4:30 pm to 9:00 pm

and GNU/Linux.. This introduction was prepared on slides and of course we used the white board to explain some advanced issues that they asked

They already knew who we are as we went there many times and arranged some meetings and seminars there so we just give a brief note about EGLUG again just in case that some of them didn't know about us.

starting from 1969 till 1991.

  • The Birth of Free Software
    • About Ritchard M. Stallmen (RMS)
    • The four freedoms
  • GNU is not Unix
    • A complete users work space programs
    • All Free Software
    • Unix like
    • Use existing components
    • Free software foundation
    • GNU development tools
  • What is Linux
    • A Unix Free operating system
    • Created from scratch
    • Free of minix code released linux as an alternative to minix
    • Open development process
    • anyone can contribute
  • What is Linux core (Kernel)
    • Perform many low level and system level functions

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//-->*** Communicates with hardware

  • Developed by developers around the world
  • Capable of running on tiny embedded system (PDAs, Robots, DSL and routers)as well as the largest mainframes
  • Why Choose Open Source
    • Open Source is Flexible
    • Open Source is Inexpensive
    • Open Source developers are motivated
    • Better Security and fewer Bugs
    • The code will survive
    • You can contribute
  • Linux System architecture
    • User applications
    • Linux based operating system
    • Shell
    • Linux Kernel
    • Hardware
  • Process handling
  • Linux Filesystem
    • Everything is a file
    • Filesystem Tree
    • Ext2 Filesystem
    • Ext3 the journalized file system
    • There are many filesystems and the default differs from one distribution to another

computer to a projector and we began to explain the istallation process on this computer so it took much more effort and time as they asked

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Second day Wednesday 13 - 4 - 2005 from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm

system as an environment and how they can easily use it and deal with it

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  • Vi/VIM
  • Kwrite
  • Finances
    • GnuCash
  • Games


  • How to switch between virtual terminals and how to use them

Third day Thursday 14 - 4 - 2005 from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm