giving subdomain of eglug to other FOSS site

Hi Guys,

Some guys contacted me that they want to create a new website of very simple howtos in el 3ammeya el masreya targeting the typical, non-techie window$ user to help him to migrate to linux.

Anyway, these guys know eglug but they think that it's better to make a new website, and they were asking about the possibility to take a subdomain from

Actually providing them the subdomain and even hosting them with us will cost us nothing, cause they will run drupal which we can run it with eglug website in the same codebase. And I see that this would be a nice contribution made from eglug to other FOSS believers, and the eglug subdomain will give us credits afterall.

As an admin I can't make such a move alone, so I wanted to take the community's opinions.