what is your favorite FireFox extension

now FireFox is only as good as the extensions you use, out of the box it lacks many essential features so lets make a good wiki page with all the extensions people actually use and like.

please don't just post comments, edit this page and add your extensions.

maybe later on we should have review articles of these extensions


other addons

MSameer (Gave up firefox)

  • Tweak Network: Gives you control over the advanced firefox network settings.
  • Locale switcher: It's not that important, But It gives you a menu with all the language packs available, It was useful when I installed the 1337 language pack ;-)

  • Image zoom
  • Bookmark backup: This'll backup your bookmarks whenever you close the browser.
  • Configuration Mania: Edit hidden configuration options.
  • Googlebar: Google bar for firefox. ala google bar for IE, But even better ;-)
  • Show failed URLs

Probably more but i'm lazy.