Solution to the DSL-500T Router problem

Solution to the DSL-500T Router problem

The only DLink ADSL router in the market, as of January 2005, in Cairo is the model DSL-500T. It is sold at around 340 EGP from a DLink distributer at a new computer mall in Heliopolis named Souq El 3asr (brands).

Before buying this model, I heard that there might be some issues with ssh connections. However, I knew that T models of DLink routers run GNU/Linux, so I didn't bother since Linux is an open platform, we are familiar with, we can hack and troubleshoot up to compiling a new kernel.

I also wanted a model that has an easy to configure firewall.

The problem

After configuring the connection and setting everything up and testing web and other services I decided to set my main PC to IP address and leave the rest as DHCP. I also decided to port forward ssh and bittorent ports to

The web and all other services were working flawlessly. Except for outgoing ssh and outgoing ftp (didn't test incoming ftp).

I decided to fiddle with the router web interface. Removing the port forwarding that I configured earlier. Nothing changed. I can not ssh or ftp to any machine.

There was no problem when using connecting through ssh via putty on a another windows box in my network.

Solving the problem

But still I can not ssh to any box. Even the login prompt doesn't appear when I try ssh.

Alaa, told me that he will help me solve the thing.

He telneted to the box and checked the active iptables rules. One of them explicitly dropped all outgoing ssh connections from!

DROP tcp -- anywhere tcp dpt:ssh

We tried to change the ip for his machine from to; ssh worked.

He returned back his ip to and then deleted this rule.

ssh worked !

The problem now is to know how the router makes this rule and find a way to avoid it. Alaa told me it was my homework.

So I decided to change my PC's ip address and thats it. So I opened the web interface. Created a new ip to forward ssh and bittorrent to. I saved the configuration, and restarted the router. All this while I was spying on the iptables rules on the router. After the changes the annoying rule was deleted.

I decided to bring things back to So I deleted the using the router's interface. Configured the port forwarding back to Restarted the router, check iptables. The rule has gone forever.

ssh worked.


DLink has no firmware updates nor any answer to this problem.

The solution in brief

Fixing the ftp

On your linux box as root type this iptables --table mangle --append OUTPUT --jump DSCP --set-dscp 0x0

Fixing the ssh

  • Open the web interface.
  • Click ADVANCED -> Port Forwarding
  • Created a new ip and delete the old one (
  • Now forward ssh and bittorrent. (If you wish)
  • Save the configuration
  • Restart the router.

Do the above while telnetting and checking the iptables rules on the router. $telnet Trying Connected to ( Escape character is '^]'. login: root password: your-web-interface-password

  1. iptables -L

    After the above steps the annoying rule should be gone.