InstallFest Q and A

InstallFest Q and A

In order to have this event running smoothly we need as much information as we can get from the people involved and also to answer all questions that visitors my ask.

What is an Installfest?

Linux community common word for : "installation festival"; Linux user groups run this event to introduce foss and install gnu/linux on visitor's computers. Computer users are invited to bring their machines to have GNU/Linux installed on their machines. The idea is to ease migrating to Linux, which is initially installing and configuring it for the user's machine.

What will happen in this Installfest?

if you are visiting us alone (without your pc) you will find some people who use free software and they also have some experience in other OS,they will be pleased to explain it for you. But if you bring your pc and you need to install gnu/linux you're also welcome, just make one suitable partition with 5 GB free. or unallocated space. If you can not do this it's ok just defrag your harddisk or have at least one partition that has free space.

I heard about the free thing! i think it will be mess? or it will be freak command line..

The word free has nothing to do with the price .It means freedom. And about the freak command line, you will see some intresting window transparency and more cool applications, seems that you are outdated check.

I have some knowledge can i help ?

Hey I had a Linux course but I feel Linux is not suitable for my desktop

I have GNU/Linux installed what to do ?

We encourage everyone to bring a computer on which he can install Linux. Any distribution, any version. Several members often bring in CDs, so all you really need to do is bring in a computer. Some people bring spare monitors, keyboards, and mice as well as power cables and power strips, but we encourage everyone to bring their own, as sometimes there's still not enough to go around, even with the spares. The more experienced members are there to lend a hand with any questions which may arise.

What to bring with me I am an M$ oriented class ?

  • defrag a partition at home, and maybe even resize it, to make room for another partition.
  • try to bring everything to make your computer work independently.
  • bring blank cds with you.
  • try to copy on your cds a gnu/linux distro.
  • wait for someone (installer to help you ).
  • After you have finished the installation, verify with the help of an installer, that the hardware in your machine has been configured properly: verify that you can listen to music, that the mouse functions, etc. The installer verifies that you have created at least one account in addition to "root".

I need my old system can I use it for a while, I am a student and there are assignments that should be reported as .doc files?

If you need only the other os for .doc file ,you can use Open Office. you can also use the old system through dual boot. Ask about this from the installer.

If my GNU/Linux crashes for any reason ,who will help ? does the Linux system give some 'not responding' messages also or not?

You are asking many questions. GNU/Linux is not related to any behavior of window$ .