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Candidates for Adminstrator

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here is the list of Moderators and Current Administrators who want to be Administrators

  1. Whirlpool
  2. MohammedSameer
  3. Alaa
  4. Ezabi
  5. Conceptor
  6. DJ-KING

If u want to add your name to the list of candidates, plz edit this page.

NOTE: u have to be a moderator or a current administrator to run

to save time Elections will start when 24 hours pass with no changes to the list or when all moderators indicate wether they wish to run or not.


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Sign Me Up


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you do not qualify IMO

1st you missed the nomination even though an email was sent, it was the topic of the IRC channel and it was mentioned in severals posts all accessible from the recent posts

2nd you can't be bothered to even read the page which clearly says edit to add your name


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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can we wrap up

how about we get this done by tomorrow?

so far DarknessWolf, Boody and Manal said they don't want to run if any of you folks want to change your mind now is the time to do it.

I've no idea if Conceptor plans to run or not, but if 24 hours pass his silence will be assumed to mean no

DJ-King so far failed to properly add his name, since I'm no longer in the business of being a dada I'm not going to do it, if his majesty or anyone else wants to be my guests.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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Quoted from [ Member Class As

Number of Administrators shall be 4 or 20% the number of moderators (whichever is larger).

Election process did not determine how many administrators needed for the LUG.

I think it is courtesy not to be candidate .as administrators should resume the vision.

If the needed administrators are more than current AND you see that qualify this position so I can help in this task .then It is ok

PS: I can edit this page and adding my nick name .

Diaa Radwan

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I couldn't understand one bit of what u said...

what do u mean by "2 or 3 whom are the founders, cofounder of the LUG"??

the exisiting adminstrators r running for the elections, if one or more of them got the lowest ranks they wont b moderators anymore.

if u "urself" c that u qualify for an adminstrator then u should add ureslf, which u did...nothing to do with courtesy.

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its perfectly clear

the number of administrators shall be 20% the number of moderators or 4 whichever is larger.

20% of 6 is less than 2, so 4 is larger and the number of administrators shall be 4.

there is no such thing as the founder and co-founder, one can debate on wether EGLUG started at the installfest, the first meeting or the final decision to form, at each of these stages it involved a bunch of people, these bunch where never treated specially and should never be.

we are having elections for administrators not because Youssef resigned but because admins need to be elected democratically according to our charter, the reason we had imposed admins was the lack of infrastructure and community to do anything democratically, now that we have a relativly strong community and the infrastructure required, the democratic process should take over, the moderators elections was simply the first stem.

it is courtsy to offer the community choice, if they choose the current admins thats cool, if they choose others thats also cool, whats not cool is to limit their choice.

note that our admins and mods are more or less for life (they don't run for reelection, the community has to demote them if they're unsatisfied) so its very important that we get agreement based on a transparent process.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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