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Community work
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Arabeyes attending Asia Source.

The aim of the camp is to increase the uptake of FLOSS by NGOs.

Day three of Menya Crash Course

Day two of Menya Crash Course

Crash Course for Menya Volunteers

sorry for being so late on announcing this.

EGLUG will be involved in yet another partnership with a community oriented non-for-profit.

New Vision, is a young NGO working in the field of community development in Al Menya, the bulk of their work is being done by volunteers and they're very interested in the positive impact of technology on local communities.

they heard about FOSS and GNU/Linux and wanted a piece of the action so we agreed to prepare a 3 day intensive course for 4 of their volunteers on GNU/Linux desktop usage and administration and of course discuss FOSS concepts.

Meeting with representative

Martus is a software tool that allows users to document incidents of abuse by creating bulletins, uploading them at the earliest opportunity, and storing them on redundant servers located around the world.

Caryn will demonstrate martus for us and we'll discuss how EGLUG can help Egyptian organizations planning to use this piece of FOSS, and then we'll all go have dinner somewhere near downtown and chat about FOSS for community development and public service (what americans would call A Birds of a Feather session).

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GNU/Linux installed in Mansheyet Naser

Yesterday (Thursday 11th November 2004), Manal, Alaa, Ezabi, MohammedSameer and DJ-King's laptop arrived @ Mansheyet Nasr @ 9 p.m after getting lost on the "autostraud" looking for a u-turn.

First, Ezabi and Manal were setting up the network, (Ezabi did the major part of course) while Alaa and MohammedSameer were installing GNU/Linux on one of the pcs in preparation of a network install.

FOSS Session in MENGOS 4th workshop

Alaa, Ramez.hanna and DJ King will again give a session on FOSS in MENGOS 2nd workshop. The workshop is from 2nd till 4th of August, and the FOSS session will be held on the 3rd at 1:30 p.m.

MENGOS sessions in the AUC

Tuesday 27/07/2004 at The AUC ( The American University in Cairo )

DJ KING , Ramez Hanna and MohammadSameer will be presenting EGLUG under cover

the Event will be covering the following topics :

1 - the philosophy of the open sources world

2 - Introduction to Linux World

3 - Linux World in Numbers ( Slide Show ) -- was made by Alaa , MohammadSameer and Mostafa

4 - Security on Linux ( ofcourse not into details )

5 - HOW will EGLUG Support the attenders ..

الثلاثاء الموافق ٢٧-٠٧-٢٠٠٤ في الجامعه الامريكيه بالقاهره

FOSS Session in MENGOS 2nd workshop

سيقوم علاء و رامز حنا و دج كينج بالقاء جلسة عن البرمجيات الحرة فى الورشة الثانية لشبكة MENGOS. ستقام ورشة العمل من 19 إلى 21 يوليو و ستبدأ جلسة البرمجيات الحرة الساعة الواحدة و النصف ظهرا يوم 20.

Alaa, Ramez.hanna and DJ King will again give a session on FOSS in MENGOS 2nd workshop. The workshop is from 19th till 21st of July, and the FOSS session will be held on the 20th at 1:30 p.m.

EGLUG participates in MENGOS workshop

الورشة لمدة 3 أيام من 12 إلى 14 يوليو, ستحضر منال الورشة للتواصل و كسب الخبرات, و سيقوم علاء و رامز حنا بتقديم جلسة عن اللينوكس و البرمجيات الحرة.

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