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3rd Session in Alex Summer Course

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Software Freedom Day Campaign in Alexandria University

Software Freedom Day Campaign in Alexandria University.

Basic System Administration

0x0b Basic System Administration


0x1) Users and Groups (create,remove,assign to group,important file)

0x2) Premissions (understanding,change symbolically,change numerically)

0x3) Partitions (partitioning,info about partitions,free space,mount,fstab)

0x4) Booting (boot loader,the booting process,run levels)

0x5) Processes Management (list,top,kill,psgrep

System Administration Course in Alex

This Course Targeted to Sysadmins

Held in Alexandria From 15/8/2009

1- Linux System Basics
2- Basic CLI
3- System Administration
4- BASH Scripting part1
5- BASH Scripting part2
6- Networking in Linux
7- Basic Security Practices
8- Light GUI
9- Installing LAMP (apache,php,mysql) + Wordpress

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FreeDomDay Alexandria University

Can someone from Alexandria LUG check this out ? are we going to help ? is there any room to be there? someone from Alex LUG take care of this please. Contact them and check how we can help even if just as speakers.

BASH Scripting 0x01

0x0d BASH Scripting 0x01


0x1) What is BASH?

0x2) What is 'scripting'?

0x3) How could I write a BASH script?

0x4) What are the pros and cons compared to a real programming language?

0x5) How useful it can be in administering your Linux box?

0x6) Basic BASH syntax.

0x7) BASH hello world.

0x8) Homework.

0x9) Notes.

- These are the key poin

Linux System Basics

0x0a Linux System Basics


0x1) What is Linux?

0x2) Who made Linux?

0x3) Why Linux?

0x4) How to get help and support?

0x5) Linux System Structure.

0x6) The Linux Mentality.

- These are the main key points we are going to discuss in this session.

[HOW-TO] Bridge Network Interface in VirtualBox

When U install VirtualBox and need to connect to your Guest box with an IP in the same range that you using not the range that VirtuaBox (Which using DHCP and you Host box acts like the DHCP Server for the guest boxes different range and the actual IP of the guest box is the same of your host box ip).


English HowTos

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Meeting for Alex volunteers

اجتماع لمتطوعين جنو/لينوكس مصر فى الاسكندرية:

الاجتماع لكل اللى اتطوع معانا قبل كده خصوصا المتطوعين فى مهرجان البرمجيات الحرة فى الاسكندرية السابق.

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