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Resources for New Users



  • Manuals included on course CDs, you can access them from more applications -> Documentation in the Mandrake menu. or you can download the PDF versions

Old Manuals

These extra manuals where written for Mandrake 9.0, they may be abit out of date but most of the information is still valid



This are sources for extra Mandrake Packages, you should not install packages made for another GNU/Linux distribution.

  • PLF which includes lots of packages that cannot be part of the Mandrake dsitribution due to complicated copyrights, they include multimedia software and codecs, peer2peer software, games, and lots of tools.
  • Contrib collection of packages made by Mandrake users and contributed as part of the general Mandrake development process, tested and guaranteed to work.
  • Main the full 4CD Mandrakepackages repository



Application documentation




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This links should be transfered to somethin' else

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Fixed ya pronco, Thanks for p

Fixed ya pronco, Thanks for pointing that!

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