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EGLUG Administrators Election - انتخابات مديريى الموقى


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Please vote for DJ-KING

As some of you may know, I m currently an admin and I am stepping down.

It is my opinion that the best choice to replace me is DJ-KING, so I would like to ask you to give him the vote which you would have given to me (if any).

Additionally, I would like to ask the community to gradually phase out the old team since they started the LUG and it would be good to get fresh new ideas and ways of doing things. I think we (the admins) have done a good job starting, but it's time for new faces. Of course, we can't change everything at once, so I suggest we phase the old team out one by one, beginning with alaa.

I am sure alaa will recognise what is good for the community and encourage you to vote him out.

Thanks for giving me the chance to help contribute in running the site.


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Hell NO!

man , my feelings are a mix of happiness and sadness in da same time .. i am so happy and proud to be a man who you might think that he would ,be able to take your place someday .. but bro i can't , and i

believe no one can ever take your place .. people will even hate me (more then they already do) if i take your place ..

we want you .. we need you :)

i had great experince working with you youssef , you were always inspiring me ..

i love you big time bro .. i really do =)

and i really want you to think about it again ..

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Please vote for one of the above

As I'm NOT violating any rules mentioned in the charter and NOT campaining for myself I would like to campain for someone else.

you know I was elected a moderator so I could have run for administrator but I didn't. So I ask you all to give the votes which you would have given to me to one of the above candidates.

We shouldn't campain to anyone, let the community decide. and I think that any administrator or moderator can resign at anytime so if any of the current administrators agree with you that new ideas and ways for doing things are needed I think they are old enough to know when to resign

Dr. Radut | rankvote