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End of administrators elections - نهاية انتخابات المديرين

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انتهت انتخابات مديرى الموقع، فريق المديرين مكون من administrators voting period is over our administration team is

  1. MhammedSameer (Uniball)
  2. Alaa
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Ezabi
  5. Conceptor


ادلى 43 عضو و عضوة بأصواتهم، الحد الأدنى للأصوات لنجاح الانتخابات كان 17 صوت، عدد الأعضاء حوالى 537 منهم 28 أعضاء قدامى


43 members voted, the quorum was 17 members and our current membership is about 537 members with the number of seniors being 28.

تشكيل الناخبين

من بين من أدلوا بأصواتهم

  • 28 ينتموا للأعضاء ال100 الأولى - أعضاء منذ 36-39 اسبوع
  • 8 ينتموا للأعضاء ال100 الثانية - أعضاء منذ 24-36 اسبوع
  • 2 ينتموا للأعضاء ال100 الثالثة - أعضاء منذ 17-24 اسبوع
  • 2 ينتموا للأعضاء ال100 الرابعة - أعضاء منذ 11-17 اسبوع
  • 2 ينتموا للأعضاء ال100 الخامسة - أعضاء منذ 3-11 اسبوع
  • 1 سجل بعد بدء الانتخابات - أعضاء منذ اقل من 10 أيام

Voter Demographic

of the 57 voters:

  • 28 are among our 1st 100 members - members for 36-39 weeks
  • 8 are among our 2nd 100 members - members for 24-36 weeks
  • 2 are amonf our 3rd 100 members - members for 17-24 weeks
  • 2 are among our 4th 100 members - members for 11-17 weeks
  • 2 are amonf our 5th 100 members - members for 3-11 weeks
  • 1 registered after voting started - members for less than 10 days


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welcome on board

Everyone kneel before Ezabi, your new overlord.

Now, each one of you will swear eternal loyalty to us.

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These figures are somehow of

These figures are somehow of bad indication, simply means, the newer the member is, the more she/he doesn't care?

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congrats Ezabi

This means simply that any vote after that will be not recognized. if we refer to the logs we will have 2 members has sign at 20:4x .after the election period should stops .

Diaa Radwan

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if we want to be pedantic

if we want to be pedantic then election should have been closed at exactly 18:56pm

IMO as long as it was not 11 days it is valid.

I don't see what is the problem in late votes.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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No ,we will not went pedantic or controversy on the pedantry thing , but it called commitment of the event time. and it's well known results .

As the election is the only right for the community to chose who will administrate who (if this a right word) respecting the whole process will benefit the community.

Why I am sending this reply I don't see what is the problem in late votes.

Because we were there at el sakia , and we were at the ending time. Then you postpone (you are totally honest to me no doubt ,you have your reasons )announcing on the end of the first election period which based on the chosen democracy. and I think you memorize the rank . so asking what is the problem .is not fair.

Of course I will not act as pedantic and I will ask ,well if someone had missed the voting period can we pathetically allow his voice to be reached or not ?

Seems I want to end it in pedantry(do not count on this –is meant to be joke-) will asking someone to vote for someone by lowest possible rank is remain as violating the charter or the AUP or any known user agreement :) .

Diaa Radwan

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the reason why I delayed it

the reason why I delayed it was because I had to wrote an announcement and I did not have time to do that at al sakia, thats what I said actually.

if you check you'll notice the mods elections where closed a a few hours after the time anounced on the calendar, you did not complain back then.

the thing is I don't see how a delay of a couple of hours is not respecting the rules.

frankly I don't even know how to handle such a controversy, maybe others can share their opinions.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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Conceptor won

It is not confusing; at the precise end of elections, Diaa had won. It was an unfortunate coincidence that closing was delayed and that two votes altered the result, but it is inconsequential.

Congratulations Diaa, you take my place.

And phaeron, WTF? Why did it take you this long to effing vote?


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I guess Conceptor is right.

I guess Conceptor is right.

I think it was a mistake, However since this happened in the moderators elections and no one complined I think the best solution is:

  • Either you insist on the old result, In that case IMHO it should be restored.
  • Or you forgive the mistake and accept the current result.

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

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Ok if there is no other choic

Ok if there is no other choices (there are not):

I will insist

why :

  • It is a step to know what to do in such cases .
  • commitment to the events (try to make it automated).
  • if we remove many latest voters (no insulting ) it will show us the community choice.
  • alaa decide to end it ,(with known result) . announcement will make it clear for everybody but it will not be perfect if we change the result due to announcement issue .

Diaa Radwan

MSameer's picture

I agree with you without aski

I agree with you without asking you for reasons.

another thing is that we can have a new voting period, Or restart the whole election process.

I don't know about alaa's reasons. Can you please post them ?

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

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the thing is

at the moment there is no obvious way to end elections at the perfect moment (after 240hours if this is what you consider to be the perfect moment, the charter says 10 days which could be read as many things).

the only mechanism for doing things automatically at certain time is through the drupal cron hook, the drupal cron hook does no run every minute, it runs at a certain time every hour, so unless elections perfectly start at the moment the cron job runs they will always end a bit after 240 hours, this bit could be large if any some major failure happens to the cron job before it manages to close elections (no an unlikely event).

once we start being pedantic there are many problems, what if the site was down for 5 hours of the 240? do we add 5 extra hours?

as is always my opinion about these things we should not expect things to be done perfectly, we should be flexible enough to give space to such issues.

obviously from the various elections threads not many share this view, so whatever we do to resolv this I think we should not use our current procedures again, someone should propose new procedures and someone should write new code that achieve the perfect results you guys crave.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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disclaimer VS rights

consider this for the future and not for the current.

the current is based on you to stop it manually . you decide to do it but the announcement make it hard to be done at el sakia.

it was one of my point to highlight on the automated process will make it's not campaign to write a new module(you have done this one and it's great) .

So figure this election with it's current procedure .

once we start being pedantic there are many problems, what if the site was down for 5 hours of the 240? do we add 5 extra hours?

it is not vital-obligatory dose that every member should be spoon feed-ed with.

but once you have decide something (ending) and you are the responsible on ending and starting the election (where you are part of this election) .I think in my IMHO that you should report at the announcement based on transparency, that the ending at xx:xx and we have members who voted after this so it will not be recognized. agian after u have decided.

Diaa Radwan

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Alaa is not the only one responsible to starting/ending elections, the rest of the Adminstrators (MohammedSameer, Whirlpool and YoussefAssad) are also responsible.

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at least 10 days

and the poll will remain open for at least 10 days.

notice: at least 10 days which means anything more than 10 days is acceptable.

saying that guaranteeing that the elections are opened for the minimum time is spoon feeding, and considering it OK to have the elections open for a period less than the minimum while NOT OK for a period greater than the minimum, is extremely unreasonable.

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correct me

the charter governs the general ideas and the lines ,let's say the global variables . we are not studying the charter now.

we have this event now with it's own rule under the umbrella of the charter .with a specific time to start and with endless-infinite limits it is assumption .

Alaa took the Decision to end it with the acceptance of MohamedSameer on clear result.

the end time is been decided (i am not mentioning that Alaa was asking ramez.hanna to flame the result cause it is part of trolling. it is ok) ,on clear result.

so do not return with a quote from the charter saying it's mentioned there . the election started and determined to be ended and the result changed

saying if the change made on purpose or not ,remain as offtopic

Diaa Radwan

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only the charter counts

how did it change, was the vote closed then reopened again?

I took a decision to close it as soon as I had the time to post an announecment.

all according to the charter which IMO is the only thing that counts.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

Manal's picture

My opinion

My opinion is we treat this situation as if there was a tie between Conceptor and Diaa, i.e they had the same score.

In a situation where we have a tie between 2 or more moderators and we cant have them all as adminstrators, the moderators of the same score sit together and settle between themselves on who shall be adminstrator and who steps out.

so I think Ezabi and Conceptor should solve this between themselves.

i think it is not personal

i think this is not a personal issue between conceptor and ezabi it is something related to the communtity, it is must be solved due to the rules of the elections ..

and by the way they didn't have the same score to sit together and settle this issue between themselves.


Manal's picture

As If

I said As If they had the same score.

No one said it is personal, both Ezabi and Conceptor are good canditates for Adminstratorship, and I beleive both are reasonable persons who could settle on who of them should join the adminstrators team and who should stay, If we had a tie.

all I'm saying is let's treat this situation As If it was a tie, and let them resolve the situation among themselves.

If the new percentage is less than the current one moderators vote using a concorde method among themselves to choose who will leave and become senior user unless enough moderators resign.

I'm saying let's treat this situation in the same manner.

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Whats the problem?

Look, Diaa WON. This is no topic for discussion. GAH.

Yea, the effing charter says "at least", but the election post says "ten days". When "ten days" was complete Diaa was in.

-- sigs are for lusers

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obviously it is

since a many of us are discussing it, obviously it is, scan the discussion and you'll find there is no consensus one way or the other.

I was inclined in the begining to just accept any result (diaa or ezabi) since both where very close anyway (it took two extra votes) as long as a reasonable interpretation of the rule that can realisticly be applied without further trouble is reached.

now I'm not sure anymore, no one is proposing any practical suggestions to how in the next time we can guarantee exact 240 hours, no one is making any rational argument as to why an extra 2 hours is a problem, there are arguments that a few hours less is not a problem.

its simple really Ezabi won, we cannot invalidate two votes.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

DarKnesS_WolF's picture

Take it Easy

ok here is My Opinion :-

  • Administrator is nothing more than a modrator with some more work to do .... so it`s not a big deal between modrator and administrator ( no one will print a card saying hay i`m eglug administrator or eglug modrator ) so i c it`s not a big deal
  • we can vote on relection or give it more time.
  • Ezabi and Conceptor can chose one of them to take the place.(As Manal said)
  • Ezabi has the right ( If He Wants To ) to insist on the current results ( since the delay was in modrators elections too )
  • Test for the 6 ppl that were running for the election as the charter said .. everyone write a useful hard drupal module ( the current CMS ).


Live Free Or Die...

Conceptor's picture

no one will print a card saying

Administrator is nothing more than a modrator with some more work to do .... so it`s not a big deal between modrator and administrator ( no one will print a card saying hay i`m eglug administrator or eglug modrator ) so i c it`s not a big deal

it's not the point.

Diaa Radwan

MSameer's picture

What's the point then ? Pleas

What's the point then ? Please express your point of view ?

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

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my say

  1. Our voting process is far from perfect
  2. We close the elections, and announce the results because we want to know, at one point in time, the results. We can not open the elections indefinitely.
  3. Conceptor and Ezabi were 2-3 points apart during the 10 days
  4. Exact voting period is not a necessity to sample our population prefrences
  5. Alaa closed the elections few hours late
  6. 3 Voted at the last minute
  7. Conceptor dropped from the 4th position to the 5th position
  8. Voting closed at 20:53 approx.
  9. Conceptor insists that results reverted to position at 18:00

My opinion: Ezabi wins.

Alaa, should be blamed for not closing it on time. Although, he should be thanked for writing the ranking vote module, he should also be blamed for not adding an automatic timer in it. But this will not make this elections invalid.

3 of our members voted after 18:00. Which according to Conceptor and others, their votes are invalid and should not be accounted for.

Those three votes are of old members. None of them are cheating votes. That is, they reflect opinion of the 3 members of EGLUG.

They have the right to choose their administrator. But they found the voting form open and so they did vote. We can not throw away their votes.

Conceptor was not lucky. The few hours more could have affected any of us. Personally, I would have preferred accepting the opinions of the 3 late voters over invalidating their choices.

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a correction

since voting started at 18:56 it should have ended at 18:56, so only 2 votes where after the official voting period (if we consider it to be 240 hours).

automatic closing would still show an error if

  1. voting started some time after the last cron run
  2. the cron run that was supposed to close the voting did not complete successfully

so if we insist on exact voting period we should review our procedures and our codebase accordingly.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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monday is the holiday of the barber

2 or 3 it doesn't matter.

i once went to my barber, 3am said, on monday (didn't know tab3an). he was open, he didn't send me back home.

moral of the story, we can't send the two voters back home despite the fact that the ranking vote was open.

MSameer's picture

I don't think that alaa shoul

I don't think that alaa should be blamed for not closing it.

Me, whirlpool, youssef and alaa should be blamed as we are the current admins.

Quote "c u next life time then when i come back as a mug of tea :P"

DJ KING's picture


No ONE To Be Blamed .. Ezzaby is the one we really need ;)

Conceptor .. take it easy .. nothing is personal .. administrators get less beers ;P

as they have no much time to drink ..

mabroooooooooooooook ya Ezzabi .. Conceptor .. HardLuck , enta akeed eli kasban el "marah" eli gayah ;)

peace out

1 love

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Conspiracy Vs Transparency

Whirlpool, MohamedSameer, YousefAssad and Alaa are the responsible administrators for the current situation. Therefore, they should pay more attention to the whole process for future (Not this specific situation).

this is not banquet or wedding that we invite guests to, so more two or three guests won't be problem , it's not also 3am Sa3ied or said barbershop who won't complain about one or two clients in his offday because there's a big difference in situation, think and benefit (with all respect to 3am sa3ied of course).

Few months ago, many Americans demonstrated after elections with signs say "Sorry for the world in advance , 49% of us said NO", But in the end Bush WON because the rules were clear. I didn't hear that John Kerry sent some folks of his after the election to give their votes to make equality with Bush. (Respect to the * differences)

No matter what's the problem, why Alaa didn't announce the ending of elections at the specific time (although he could end the elections period, then post the announcement in later time) or who's the blamed one. The matter that as this election is a critical process to this community, there must be very restricted specified rules clear to everyone, so whatever the situation in the end the rules will be applied. thus transparency and neutrality are ensured.

So, no need in coming years elections to get into more pedantry and controversies if situation like this repeated.

So, far away from the Conspiracy theory or the current situation. I agree with Conceptor because I think that's what he is complaining about and trying to clarify. (Get used from this situation for future not give analgesic solution).

p.s. I am interested navigator who regulary check recent posts in this lug, so by some reviews I found out that phaeronix and ramez.hanna are active members who nearly post every day (sometimes very nice long posts), so it's just question popup in my mind "Why They waited to this critical time! to give their votes!!" ... Politics ?!!

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