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Introducing the EOSBC to the Egyptian GNU/Linux Community

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I met the people responsible for the EOSBC last Tuesday and can report that the work they are doing is well aligned with the ideals we have in mind.

Mr. Enzo Pulliati is our contact person there, and I asked him to write a few introductory paragraphs for the linux community to get to know each other. Please read what Enzo has written below, and feel free to ask him any questions which might occur to you.

Please add your ideas regarding general Linux/FOSS promotion in Egypt, questions to Enzo, anything you can think of.


I started working on ICT with the UN in '86 when I realized the huge potential that the Internet could have for development. Since '88, longtime before the Internet Society was created, I worked with Vint Cerf, Larry Landweber, Eric Farber and others to help spreading the Internet in developing countries. Our role was to provide affordable technical solutions (we started connecting Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil and many other countries using cheap Unix boxes and UUCP over dial-up generating calls from the US and Canada) and awareness. That was the time when big companies wanted to push their proprietary networks (Bitnet, DecNet and later MSNet) or standards such as X.25, X.400, etc. and they didn't like the idea of open networks such as the Internet.

Many years after all this we are facing a similar challenge with the FOSS and proprietary software. FOSS is a unique opportunity for developing countries and I think we should do as much as we can to use ICT for development, i.e. to increase the quality of life. This is what we call "Human Development".

As happened with the Internet, FOSS faces the same challenges from large corporation with established interests with little interest to review their business model and, in general, from lack of awareness from the average end users, from IT professionals and the business community.

Several colleagues of mines and myself we are very interested in promoting initiatives that could help to leverage the FOSS issue in Egypt and other developing countries.

We are convinced that a campaign to generate awareness at all levels is very much needed. At the same time it is also very important to provide a business model for those individuals or SMEs interested in working on FOSS. This would also be a major step in getting acceptance and support from the Government.

In this framework we have decided to launch an initiative aimed to establish a formal organization where all different actors should fit and coordinate their action providing synergy at all levels.

Based on this, we would like very much to open a discussion with you to define how may we help the LUGs community and how the LUGs could actively participate in this initiative.

I would very much appreciate your comments on this.

Thanks and regards,


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Some initial questions

  1. What is ICT? How is it related to the UNDP?
  1. what work have you done so far in Egypt?


ICT just stands for Informati

ICT just stands for Information and Communication Technology.

Let me stress that the EOSBC initiative is being initiated on a personal level and we do not have and we have not sought formally any institutional endorsement so far.

Enzo Puliatti

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who are the founders of EOSBC ?

So far the EOSBC has not been

So far the EOSBC has not been "founded" yet. We hope to get some level of consensus, prepare a "chart" and formalize it with the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Enzo Puliatti

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this is very strange we've been told that Hesham Bahram of Linux Egypt is a founding member.

maybe you can clarify this?

cheers, Alaa

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i have readed the email but i

i have readed the email but i coudn`t found what kind of help and coopration is will be done ? peace

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Nature of Cooperation

I believe the idea is that we, the LUG, are good at handling the end user and the EOSBC is more adapted to addressing the SME.

For example, in the next InstallFest in Alexandria, we could have people from Enzo's side with us to handle any people we get who are more business-oriented.

Enzo, care to elaborate here?


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Action plan draft in the wiki


cheers, Alaa

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good but something Fuzzy

this thread talk about good ideas but i think there's something Fuzzy. I'm right ??


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whats fuzzy?

if you got any questions about eosbc or need any clarifications ask them, enzop will answer them all.

cheers, Alaa

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A formal organization

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  1. Is the EOSBC one of those initiatives or will it operate in a way that encourages local initiatives and help them be a reality.
  2. How will the EOSBC get its funds ?
  3. As a LUG we sometimes have sensitive relationships with some companies that work with opensource. Mainly these companies are promoting opensource, but with differnet objectives. And sometimes they distort some facts mainly by not explaining everything about the FOSS philosophy. How is the EOSBC as "Business Consortium" would ensure that profit making will not get into the way of FOSS ideals and encourage companies to feel obliged to help the community as well as make profit.

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