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Handover protocol

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This document is a place holder for a new charter extension, a draft to what we would like to call the handover protocol. Darkness_Wolf is the one who really pushed for this, I totally agree with him. It is much delayed totally due to our laziness.


The handover protocol serves as a set of guidelines to the repeating situation of the Admin team change. In order to allow every new team of Admin to start their duties as soon as possible, the following needs to be done. It is the responsibility of the previous admin team to see these guidelines are enforced; as well as the responsibility of the new admin team to make sure they recieve their priviliges fully.


  1. Administrator role on our drupal based site
  2. SSH access to the hosting platform, using username and password. If the host offers SSH access.
  3. Manager account to access the DNS records, but not full access to the registrar's features. - MSameer: Why not the registrar features ?
  4. Operator level on the IRC channel. This can be achieved by giving them access level 40.


By definition "Adminship" is a pure technical position. It implicitly includes the following crucial responsibilities :

  1. On time payment of the domain(s) registration, to ensure we don't lose the domain(s). Currently, We have 2 domains: and
  2. Regular backups for the DocumentRoot and the SQL databases. Those backups should be transfered to their final storage distination using SSH or whatever encryption methods available if possible.
  3. Maintenance of the website, email, and the IRC channel.

Please feel free to add more or edit.


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What if they fail to take

What if they fail to take backups and/or pay the for the domains ontime ?

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NIce start

nice start ... we will see about other problems later .. but i think 15 USD a month and 18.5 USD / year for domain not a big deal. backups is the important issues .. as an ex-admin would you please advice us and explain how was the backups were working in the past?


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Previously, Alaa used to

Previously, Alaa used to take backups using drakbackup and rsync them to his box IIRC.

Currently, I take my own backups using rdiff-backup over ssh

I'm not talking about 15 or 18 USD. I'm saying what if they fail ?

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What you want to say is

What you want to say is that we ( the new admin team ) haven't been following these guidlines. Because we haven't been taking backups regularly and we almost forgot to renew the domain. First it is human to error and divine to forgive. I am not waiting for forgiveness anyway, I know we made a mistake and I set out to know why, correct the mistake and put guidelines to make sure they don't repeat again.

If there's a clear path for new admins to tread on, there wouldn't be a long lag period until the they wake up.

I don't think there is space for argument about this.

Sherif we need a backup plan.

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As usual. You jump to

As usual. You jump to conclusions.

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At least I don't beat

At least I don't beat around the bush.

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I get sick

Bgd i get sick of that every thread or post about the managment of that domain it become civil war between some people who are supposed to be at least seniors...

Mohammed samer : Yes the new admin team is bad you will remain the best

Islam : kabar dem3`ak

I Was Known as POSIX

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It's pretty obvious that

It's pretty obvious that I'm ignoring this thread. That's why I didn't reply to his last comment.

Also please note that I personally contributed to the document itself.

No, it's not a war. I didn't say that the team is bad. Thank you for saying that I'm the best although i'm not waiting for such a complement.

As I said before. It's not about the 15 USD per month. I've seen people not paying 5 USD and I know them personally.

I have a lot to say more. If you feel like listening without imagening for a second that I'm fighting and/or seeking revenge, Then say so. Otherwise, I'm not posting in this thread anymore.

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You are not

fighting and/or seeking revenge,

its not that you make fight or take revenge ,i didnot said revenge why you mention it you think what you doing some one could understand it as taking revenge ....!!!! but i thought it will be better if you mention within your post the mechanism you used to manage that domain, to offer help , to document the tasks its not you and them ,

it`s eglug

Best Regards

I Was Known as POSIX

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