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May Installfest Video - فيلم مهرجان اللينكس

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من يومان وجدنا عند الساقية شريط فيديو منسى مسجل يوم مهرجان اللينكس الذى . نظمناه معا مايو الماضى

الشريط مدته 22 دقيقة من الفوتاج النى و بدون أى مونتاج، و يدون الساعات الثلاث الأولى من المهرجان فقط.

و ننتظر ابداعكم فى مونتاج الفيلم.

the tape is 22 minutes of raw footage (no editing at all yet), it only documents the first 3 hours of the event

now waiting for your creativity in editing this.



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300 MB?

Pretty fat file for dialup users...

Chunks of the best bits perhaps?


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there are many things that could be done:

  • chunks of good bits
  • chunks with description so you choose what to download
  • reduce resolution (its over 700px!!)
  • reduce bitrate
  • use a more lossy encoder etc

which is why we need people's effort and creativity here.



"u know i once dream that the office of mobinil is from el 7`os :S and the one that answer u and tell u rasidak a girl called ghada"

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