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notes on building a webserver using Mandrake

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this is not the most secure way to build a webserver, but it is extremly easy and quick and reasonably secure.

and yeah I install X on the server and use vnc occasionally في حاجة؟!!!

installing a mandrake server

  • minimal install
  • if not minimal clean rpm-leaves
  • define sources
  • upgrade
  • install ssh-server ssh-clients
  • install rsync
  • install bash completion
  • install dtach
  • install mc
  • install emacs
  • install drakwizard drakconf
  • install xinetd
  • install shorewall
  • fix hosts.allow
  • make useraccount, add user to adm, wheel, rpm, xgrp, ntools, ctools
  • msec 4
  • override msec
  • set up shorewall
  • make ssh keys
  • fix ssh config
  • switch to ssh-xinetd
  • install drakwizard
  • install tightvnc-server, xauth, xorg-x11-75dpi-fonts, rxvt
  • install pekwm
  • pekwm menu file
  • run vncserver
  • edit ~/.pekwm/menu
  • install mysql
  • copy mysql config file
  • change mysql root password
  • install phpMyAdmin
  • apache wizard
  • install php, php-cli, php-imap, php-apc, php-mysql, php-ldap, php-mbstring, ph p-pear
  • install imagemagick, exif
  • install cvs
  • drakauth > ldap wizard
  • intsall postfix, cyrus-sasl,libsasl2-plug-plain, libsasl2-plug-login <li> install and configure postfix
  • install and configure dovecot
  • tweak apache config
  • set apache virtual hosts
  • set http file permissions
  • configure drakbackup
  • install rdate
  • time sync cron job
  • drupal cron job
  • drakxservices
  • rpm-leaves again


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perfect :-)

but why u run ssh with ssh-xinetd ?


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so the sshd process wil

so the sshd process wil only run when needed, used to use this setup on VPS with very low RAM and got used to doing it this way.


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Don't ask about the gorilla

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Another point: I guess

Another point: I guess with the huge amount of brute force attacks we are getting everyday, the overhead of executing an SSHD process via xinetd becomes almost equivalent to running it in the background.

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that is a very good

that is a very good point


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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