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Wireless by the nile

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at last I'm on wireless, today we went out to test public access points in Cairo.

Al Sakia has what must be one of the best wireless spots in town, right now I'm sitting directly by nile writing this entry, while cairo is covered in a filthy smog cloud I'm enjoying a nice (relativly fresh) breeze and still get the benefit of all the spam, goatse, pr0n and eglug one gets at home.

cheers, Alaa


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Oh no!

Now geeks will rise out of their dungeons and fill the cafes and streets.

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forget about the wireless the pic it`s self is amazing ... sooo great pic who shoot it ?


Live Free Or Die...

Wireless in cairo

Hi Alaa, Hi all,

Do you know if and where I can find a web site with WiFi locator in Cairo? Looking for pubic open wifi networks.



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there are a few

I found 4 different lists, which mostly intersect but with loads of small differences.

I'm working on a unified list and plan to verify as many as I ca myself (and hopefully others will help), but its a lengthy annoying process (there is a rather obscene rant about it in my blog).

anyways the lists are:


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

CairoWiFi directory

Ahlan Alaa:

I wanted to create a directory for hot spots in Cairo for a while, and even grabbed the domain CairoWiFi.Info for it, but the project didn't see the light so far. I thought of making it a blog, for ease, then found it would be so lame. More powerful searching is needed. I dream of an interactive map, but alas!


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I will make one soon

I will make one on soon, but I'll need people to verify the spots.

I hate interactive maps, but if you find a map of Cairo with any kind of metadata let me know and I'll try to hack something.

whirlpool has a GPS thngie, we can probably use that with the interactive map.


"i`m feeling for the 2nd time like alice in wonderland reading el wafd"

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