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Money And OpenSourse Programming

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I am a student in FCIS - faculty of computers and information sciences - Ain shams Univ.

In our Collage we study C# as the main programming Lang. That is good .. But I like Linux .. and started learning programming on it . but a thought came to my brain ! !! !!

In C#, I Would be able to earn Money . even while my studing time !!!! but underlinux programming . How would i earn the money !!??

NOTE: Programming will be my job ...

Hope any one to solve this problem for me and help me to know what to do !!


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look around you

there are more GNU/Linux programming jobs than there are people to fill it, look around you in our forum, search the web for job adds look at mailiong lists there are many GNU/Linux programming jobs.

and they cover it all, from C/C++ on the application level to Java and PHP, hell I even saw a couple fo python and perl jobs.


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I guess what u mean is that i

I guess what u mean is that if u develop OSS, how can you gaim money from it? (The same question was raised by someone in the FOSS conference as I recall). I think it's good for u to read this article.

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Will if r a taking about linu

Will if r a taking about linux programming business here in egypt i think u should look for Web Developing (PHP, Perl, Java, and even C#,

and there alot of resources about using .Net under linux, what u have to is to take a look on it and test it and for

Second about linux Business in egypt Programming: linux is not the main OS here in egypt so if u r going to program under linux u should to look to all ur stuff under linux and porting u r program to linux and i think this will waste ur time NOTE: if u r a web developer u will not need to port ur program

Networking: if u take a general view on network business here in egypt u will find that any one have MCSE should have a work "not testking MCSE" and linux/Unix will be a plus to ur CV, that a general view but there is alot of jops for linux only just keep looking and u will find

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I mean Working online

What I actually mean ,, is working online ?? Like ,,

I am still a student so no company will agree to emplyee 18 years old student with almost no experience !!

and ,, If i became a prof in Linux c/c++ and Java programming !! How can i find work ,, quickly and where ? in Egypt or OUTSIDE ?? or on net ??

and who may or can or will help me !!!?????

note: I can use Linux FC3 very well & using RedHat from 4 years !!

So i won't face any problem in changing from windows to linux .. my only problem is how to build my future !!

Hope u reply .. I am tring to determin my WAY from now and confused !!!!! ========================================

Intilligence + Knowledge = Power. Zxeem*

Ya 3am Don't worry 3ala el sh

Ya 3am Don't worry 3ala el sho3'l.

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Thanks Alot

Thanks Every One!! I think after this year in collage i will turn into java with linux ( to work ) and c/C++ ( for me :D )

Thanks Again,

Intilligence + Knowledge = Power. Zxeem*

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